The Longest, Deepest and Biggest at Sea

Never a ship sails out of the bay, but carries my heart as a stowaway ~ Roselle Mercier Montgomery. The sea holds a special place in our hearts where adventures are made and tragedies arise. Many world records are set and people are always trying to better them. Whether they are the largest, fastest or longest the sea always provides an interesting challenge.

Technological advances in unmanned vehicles have reached the sea and air. Sea drones are now breaking all sorts of records. These Wave Gliders as they have been called are powered using solar energy. They left San Francisco in November 2011 and are set to break the world record for the distance traveled by an unmanned sea faring vehicle. The gliders were made by a company called Liquid Robotics and are currently crossing the Pacific Ocean costing about $ 22,000 each. These artificial adventurers can also collect data and can collect information on temperature and weather conditions. The idea is for them to one day be used to monitor shipping lanes and fisheries.

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean another record has been broken a lone Navy officer aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln has run 50 kilometers in 3 hours 46 minutes. Weber is a seasoned runner and regularly tops 100 miles a week as part of his fitness regime aboard the Lincoln.

Lots of people enjoy a dip in the sea but some people take it to the extreme. One of the most exciting ways to enjoy the sea is it to go scuba diving. Most divers go no more than a few metres under the water. But recently Pascal Bernabe reached a new world record beating depth of 330 meters. However, unfortunately this record could not be verified by the Guinness Book of records. One surprising fact is that even though it only took Mr. Bernabe 10 minutes to get down to the depth of 330 meters it actually took him almost 9 hours to re-surface due to safety reasons.

This next record is an inspiration to us all. At 16 most of us are studying for exams and busy leading full social lives but for one 16 year old girl from the Netherlands she clearly had larger aspirations. Laura Dekker sailed around the world by herself. What is also interesting is the Social Services threatened to actually arrest her parents because they allowed her to do it, however the issue was later resolved. Laura sailed 27,000 nautical miles in 6 months.

The largest and the heaviest always capture our imaginations and where ships are concerned this is especially true. The Titanic was the largest ship of its time and we all know what happened to that. And even though Carnival experienced a tragedy cruise ships offer a holiday experience like no other and are big business. Talking of big, the largest cruise liner in the world is called the Oasis and to put it into perspective which is difficult with something so large it is 1,180 feet long and can accomodate over 6,000 passengers. This Ocean going behemoth also cost 900 million Euros, which I'm sure merits quite a high marine insurance premium. The Oasis is owned by the Royal Caribbean International.

Humans have always held a special fascination with the sea and as long as that existing people will continue to try and explore the far reaches of our oceans in interesting ways.

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