Cruise Along in the Sunshine State of Florida

Making Splashes in Florida

A swimming record at the age of 64! Yes, that's what happened in September 2013 when swimmer Diana Nyad created history. She became the first person ever to swim the distance from Cuba to Florida (110 miles), and that too too using a shark cage. She took approximately 53 hours to reach Florida. The shores of Florida always have such great stories of courage!

To Begin with Boating

You may not be interested in swimming the Florida ocean like Diana, but you can still cruise it in a boat. It's great if you already have one! If you do not, you can easily get one for yourself.There are boats galore in Florida! In January of this year 'The 40th Annual Stuart Boat Show' made waves amongst boat lovers. The show was located at four different spots including HMY'S Waterway Marina in Florida. More than 500 boats of different sizes and shapes were displayed, both in and out of water. It was really a wonderful weekend gala event for the visitors.

Best places for boating in Florida:

  • The huge and fascinating 125 miles stretch from Biscayne National Park to Key West. It's a great place for boats to sail smoothly along while enjoying the wonderful views.
  • Tampa Bay. It's Florida's largest estuary, and a favorite anchorage place due to its eateries and hotels. Another beautiful place for boating and a family outing is Egmont Key.
  • The Emerald Coast is a place where nature has scattered out all of its beauty and treasures. Visitors can experience some great deep-sea fishing here. The village in the Destin area is called the 'World's Luckiest Fishing Village!

Every year, thousands of boaters throng to the shores of Florida for travel, recreation and business purposes. Other than boating, they go fishing, diving, snorkeling or just have fun sun-bathing on the stunning beaches.

Tips for Safe boating, Water Sports and Fishing:

Whether you are boating for the first time or you are a seasoned boater, it's important to be sea smart. A lack of awareness and carelessness may cause mishaps. Here are some tips that might help you:

  • Avoid taking unnecessary risks and practice safe boating. Do not drift out too far, and maintain a safe distance from other boats, fishermen, and divers. It's the best way to avoid collisions.
  • Try to use reef mooring buoys if possible. Or else, anchor only in sandy areas so that you can stay away from coral and sea grasses; these may tangle up with your anchor and chain.
  • Operate your boat at low speeds, especially in the diving areas.

You may want to have all thrilling experiences in your boat or you may need one for commercial use. Buying a new boat could be an expensive proposition. You can look for more affordable options on reputed auto auctions websites. It's an easy and convenient process of registering, choosing, and bidding. These sites sell salvage boats that were damaged due to storm, collision or other reasons, and can be repaired for sailing again. So, get ready to make a splash!

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