Ski Holidays Around the World

Many people love to ski in central Europe. This is understandable, as the contributor offers some of the best skiing in the world and is easily accessible. But there are lots of countries which are ideal for ski holidays, and it would be a shame not to explore them all.

North American ski holidays are definitely worth trying, especially if you've already been to Europe numerous times. North America has great mountains and snow which will ensure that your skiing will be of the very best quality. It also offers excellent resorts such as Whistler and Vail which have first class amenities, activities and accommodation. Holidays here also give you the chance to see some of the US and Canada, these great countries are full of friendly people, great food and gorgeous sites.

While Andorra is in Europe, it is a bit off the beaten track as far as ski holidays go. Yet it offers excellent slopes and a laid back family friendly feel. Best of all it takes you to the Pyrenees. This beautiful mountain range is full of stunning peaks and towns that must be seen.

Finally, Bulgaria is another great place to head to for your ski holiday. This country is perfect for beginners and intermediates as it offers a variety of easily navigable slopes. It is also a very affordable country to travel to, and you will be able to spend considering less than if you went to more high-profile destinations in France or Austria.

So if you are considering a ski holidays , but have already been to the Alps why not head to some of these destinations? They offer great skiing and will introduce you to different parts of the world, which is what holidays are meant to be all about after all.

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