Celebrate Christmas the Geneva Way

The Christmas season is a busy time of the year no matter where you are in the world, and it is no different in Geneva. Airport transfers are at a peak, as tourists from the world over arrive at the small central European country to ski, sightsee, and generally enjoy the fabled Swiss wintertime. In spite of the hustle and bustle, however, Genevians still find the time to put on proper Christmas celebrations, giving visitors one more motive of interest when visiting the Swiss capital during the winter.

Have yourself a merry Christmas

As in many other locations around the world, the Christmas season in Switzerland is actually extended to encompass the months before and after the actual date. Preparations, and the first few events, take place as early as November, and carry on for the following two months, extending past Christmas and into the New Year. Guests arriving on Geneva airport transfers from now until January will there before get to experience the Swiss Christmas cheer in its purest state.

In fact, for the locals, Christmas celebrations mean far more than just hanging lights on trees and erecting a giant tree in the center of town. While those elements, as well as an open-air ice-skating rink, are part of the festivities, Switzerland's capital strives to give the season a very personal, individual slant.

Christmastime highlights in the city range from the Christmas Market held in Fusterie Square, where visitors can buy traditional foods and Christmas-themed arts and crafts, to the Christmas Tree Festival, where the traditional spruces are fashioned into works of art by renowned artists and placed in central locations around the city. More adventurous visitors can also take part in the Christmas Swimming Cup, which is rather what the name indicates: a swimming competition held in the icy waters of Lake Geneva. Despite the absence of sense behind it all, this event annually draws in the vicinity of 600 swimmers, all ready to risk hypothermia in their quest to prove them the top Christmas athlete. And while the locals may be used to it out of habit, tourists who decide to take part in this event will no doubt long for the warmth and comfort of their hotel rooms or Geneva airport transfers.

All in all, Christmas is a wonderful time to visit the Swiss capital. The locals really pull out all the stops to make their Christmas season something to remember, and with all the other perks of the Swiss winter – chocolate, fondue, winter sports – tourists may well find this to be the best time of year to visit.

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