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Nice Places To See In Tunisia

No matter which season it is, Tunisia is a kind of paradise thanks to its coast as a Mediterranean land. Tunisia has very nice places to see. Here you can enjoy yourself with charming sea, discover the numerous sites, cities and museums. Sousse, Monastir, Hammamet and Nabeul, Djerba and Tabarka are the well known resorts.
Combination of sand beaches with perfect water is so inviting for travelers. The place is appropriate not only for swimming but also for kinds of sea sports. Also, short boat rides are available.

In southern resort areas, sea sports can be practiced for most of the year. Riding, hiking, tennis, hunting are additional ones. For the amateurs, lessons are available at a

reasonable cost.
Accommodation does not create any problems due to comfortable hotels that are next to. As a visitor you may choose either International Cuisine or Tunuisian Cuisine. Summer is the most crowded season but also is the most available time for maximum activities. Festivals of summer provide you a chance to know Tunisian local folklore.
Having a historical past, visitors can experience more than one culture in Tunisia such as Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Turks, Spanish and French. As a result, well preserved museums are also places to visit in Tunisia.
Although the modern structure of Tunis, the capital of Tunusia, it is not a typical tourist site.You can have one day trip. Bardo museum with its selection of mosaics and the very well kept zoo are nice places to see in Tunisia. Zitouna is the main mosque of Tunis. It also has an historical heritage as well as its being a house of worship. Named and known also as "Gate to the Sea" or "Porte de France". Bab el Bahr is a kind of symbol becuse of its being a gate between the oriental part and the European part of Tunis. Bardo Musem with its selection of mosaics and the very well kept zoo are nice places to see in Tunis, too
The coastal resorts of Hammamet, Nabeul, and Sousse are for travelers who would like to spend time on beaches.The best Roman ruins are in Dougga, about 100 km inland and uphill from Tunis. Each July and August, there is Dougga Festival of classical drama. The Dar Charait Museum is the second freqently visited museum in Tunisia after Bardo Museum.
The Tunisian City Matmata is where Star Wars desert scenes were shot, With its fame, curious travelers and fans of the movie visit Matmata. Matmata's fame also comes from the unusual homes that were dugged vertically to the ground.
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