The Norwegian Cruise Line's Innovative Freestyle Concept

Norwegian Cruise Lines based in Miami is a cruise line that is sailing in over 140 ports around the world, with a fleet of 12 ships.

The Norwegian cruise line is owned by Star Cruises and it is currently one of the largest cruise lines in the world. NCL has embarked on an expansion program that incorporates new ships and on board product enhancements and new routes.

Norwegian Cruise Line, World's 3rd largest cruise line, was created in 1966 by Norwegian ship-owner Knut Kloster. The first company to offer regular cruises from Miami to the Caribbean, NCL is rapidly developing its fleet during the 1970s and the early 1980s with the commissioning of the old s / s France under the name s / s Norway. Present in many oceans, the fleet of NCL is revitalized in 2000 through the introduction of the innovative "Freestyle Concept". NCL is now one of the cruise the most dynamic, and its fleet one of the most modern ones in the world.

Norwegian Cruise Line has adopted a new style of cruising, the "Freestyle Cruising", sometimes the cruise freely: each person does what he / she wants when he / she wants.

It is this philosophy which makes NCL radically different philosophy of the cruise that offered by other companies.

Freestyle Ships!

All ships forming the fleet has been specifically constructed to offer the Freestyle concept. This means a more relaxed atmosphere with numerous dining options, animation and entertainment and a wide choice of cabins and suites. On board, you can choose your program and nothing is imposed upon you.

Norwegian Cruise Lines created the freestyle concept for the benefit of its passengers. The guests enjoy doing their own program and the majority of them know that a good wine list is as important as good excursions.

With Norwegian Cruise Lines, you find that luxury does not mean stuffy. There is no fixed time for dinner. They are not asking you to sit with strangers at dinner. In addition, there are so many different restaurants that you can take dinner twice in the same. Steakhouse, Italian trattoria, sushi bar, traditional cruising with a choice of 5 dishes, Japanese, French Teppanyaki, all is there for you to try. Even the dress code is illuminated and it is required only for dinner.

So, imagine now a ship full of improvements and new entertainment options, lounges and bars, activities and more. You will notice that the choice is the ultimate luxury, so NCL offers you more than anyone!

NCL Freestyle Cruising – the freedom that goes to your style

With the Freestyle concept, you're free to be yourself day and night on board or ashore. Let yourself be pampered by the spa professionals, stay longer ashore to discover the wonders of each call, attend performances of Broadway Style Theater on your ship, dance all night … You can participate in all activities or do nothing at all, the choice is entirely yours.

The main points that make the difference of "Freestyle Cruising"

-The gratuities are set at $ 10 per day per person and are automatically charged to your credit card but can be modified for a reason.

-A landing-facilitated by the fact that everything is preordained and each passenger can enjoy the last morning on board.

-A truly comprehensive choice of onboard activities: from computer classes in yoga, film the spectacle of music hall, reading library in the make-up session of dance class casino games …

-A choice of excursions will explore each call or have the opportunity to roam freely without specific program

With its different units and routes from Scandinavia to South America, Norwegian Cruise Line, is the only company to propose the concept of "Freestyle Cruising" to meet the expectations of a more demanding and independent clientele.

The NCL fleet of modern ships and designed to provide its passengers the highest comfort, personal pleasure and safety for an unforgettable trip.

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