Top 10 Attractions in Dartmoor

Southern England's greatest expanse of wilderness holds a unique fascination, its heather-strewn slopes and rocky tors haunted by legends and scattered with relics of the people who inhabited it 3,000 years ago. Hemmed in by the moorland are some of Devon's grandest mansions, its comeliest villages and its most enticing pubs. The main towns of Okehampton and Tavistock hold markets and museums, while Princetown, at the dead center of the moor, has the main information facilities, which can advise you about organized walks on a network of footpaths that give access to the remotest areas. There is also plenty of scope for cycling and riding, and more adventurous pursuits such as caving, canoeing, climbing and nature safaris.

Top 10 Features
1 Okehampton Castle
2 Castle Drogo
3 Grimspound
4 Museum of Dartmoor Life
5 Dartmeet
6 Widecombe-in-the-Moor
7 Fingle Bridge
8 Lydford Gorge
9 Merrivale Rows
10 Wistman's Wood

Okehampton Castle
A tall, seemingly tottering tower greets you as you approach this ancient Norman construction surrounded by woodland. Inside, you can view the remains of the gatehouse, keep and Great Hall.

Castle Drogo
Said to be the last castle in England, this formidable castle was built in the early 20th century by architect Edwin Lutyens on the whim of genius magnate Julius Drewe. The lush grounds lead down to the River Teign.

To the north of Widecombe, these circular prehistoric huts surrounded by a thick wall are said to have been the model for the Stone Age village where Sherlock Holmes camped in the novel, The Hound of the Baskervilles .

Museum of Dartmoor Life
This museumprovides a fascinating insight into lives of the moor's habitants, past and present. Displays include everything from antique agricultural tools and farm pick-ups to domestic bric-a-brac.

This is a renovated beauty spot at the junction of the East and West Dart rivers. Nearby is one of Dartmoor's famous clapper bridges- ancient crossing points.

Widecombe-in the- Moor
This idyllic village is known for its pinnacled church tower – a prominent landmark – and for the famous folk ditty, Widdicombe Fair .

Fingle Bridge
Crowds home in on this bridge over the River Teign, but you can find peace on the paths that weave along the shaded banks. The Fingle Bridge Inn provides snacks.

Merrivale Rows
Trailing across moorland west of Princetown, these stones give an idea of ​​the kind of prehistoric society that lived here. The complex includes huts and granite tombs.

Lydford Gorge
In this remote ravine, the River Lyd tumbles over the 30-m (100-ft) White Lady Waterfall and through density vegetation that Shelters wildlife.

Wistman's Wood
A couple of miles from the road near Two Bridges, this tangle wood is a remnant of the time when the moor was fully forested. The ancient, mossy trunks creates a fine setting for a picnic.

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