Cozumel's Vacation Spot

What makes Cozumel such an attractive holiday spot? Well, it does have a lot going for it so read on to find out more. Firstly, while it is in Mexico, it is an island. It is full of family activity things and yet is has sufficient romance for lovers to enjoy themselves fully. This place has a broad range of enjoyable qualities and therefore makes it a great spot for any kind of vacation. You never know what you will get here as it is a place marked for its air of naturalness and liveliness.

Cozumel is renamed for being a great diving spot. If you want to experience scuba diving or you are an avid snorkeler then you'll enjoy the amazing marine life. The coral reefs around the island make for a beautiful picturesque underwater experience that is full of aquatic life. There are professionals who will help guide novices and ensure that divers of diverse skill levels will enjoy a safe diving experience. The Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park is responsible for the protection of this under water habitat and they have ensured that everything is well taken care of.

Santa Rosa, Punta Sur and Palancar are some of the more famous spots for scuba diving. Snorkeling can be done at practically any of the beaches, some of which are nice and quiet and secluded. Playa Mia Grand Beach Park offers to tourists a whole lot of amenities such as lockers, restrooms and umbrellas apart from their tours and activity packages. If you're looking for restaurants, massages and shopping you will find it at Playa Uvas. After all, a day at the beach is no longer about just a little sun and sand.

How about some sightseeing? The old Mayan world has left its tracks in the old districts of San Gervaiso. The ancient Temple of El Cedral is one of the oldest buildings you will ever find. El Caracol was a structure used to signal the coming for hurricanes and dates to about 1000 years ago. So, as you can see, there are more options on this island apart from your traditional beach activities.

Vacations often bring out the shopper in us (while there are some of us who never let that side of us ever hide any way.) There are a host of exotic goods so come prepared with luggage space to cart home your purchases. Goods in leather, pottery, textiles, jewelry, etc are all available and you should be ready to haggle and you'll find good bargains easily. You can also pick up stuff like vanilla and liquor to take back home. Golf courses, horse-back riding and visiting museums are some of the many things you could do.

This is a really photogenic place with wonderful vistas. You should definitely carry your camera and watch out for beautiful shots from the Punta Sur Lighthouse. Crocodiles, Iguanas and Giant Turtles are on view at times as well. There are a variety of places to stay at a variety of rates. No matter what kind of vacation you are looking for, you are bound to enjoy it in Cozumel.

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