Experience the Luxury of Dubai

Dubai is a country in which the police officers drive BMWs on patrol and the "world's only 7 star hotel" sits grandly on its own man-made island. It is a country in which visitors can find traditional souks and Islamic architecture along with state-of-the-art malls and the world's tallest skyline. It is a destination in which you can experience the simplest of pleasures – tasting a shawarma at a diner – or the most opulent luxuries – a stay in the $ 28,000-a-night Royal Suite of the Burj al Arab. The greatest luxury Dubai offers its visitors is the luxury of experience, diversity, and culture – with more than sufficient refinement and comfort to ensure a vacation you will never forget.

World class accommodations await the luxury traveler; the Burj al Arab, the self-proclaimed 7-star hotel, certainly stands out, and rooms can be had for $ 1000 per night – a bargain compared to the Royal Suite! Besides this iconic hotel, though, visitors can opt for the Armani Hotel Dubai, Kempinski Hotel Mall, the Harbor Hotel and Residence, One and Only the Palm, and the pyramid-inspired Raffles. Your every comfort is attended to in stylish, sumptuous rooms, villas, apartments, or suites. One could spend an vacation vacation in one's hotel and leave happy!

In Dubai, the sale of alcohol is restricted to hotels to accommodate foreign guests, so this is where you will find the country's finest restaurants. Do not feel limited to your own accommodations; try the Michelin Star-studded restaurants that dot the landscape. The Ossiano Restaurant at the Hotel Atlantis, the Palm, for instance, requires "elegant attire" and makes it worth your while for the extra primping time with a stunning ocean d├ęcor and equally impressive menu. Dine on sturgeon caviar, Fois Gras Terrine, king salmon, roasted wagyu beef, and more. Dubai is full of such treasures, from Nobu (also at the Atlantis), Ronda Locatelli, Bis, and the stunning Vus Restaurant.

Some like it hot, and if you are one of them, Dubai is a paradise. Its gorgeous beaches are just what you need to pull you away from your hotel and its fabulous restaurants. Jumeirah Road takes you to a long stretch of beach; Many of the beaches are owned by hotels and resorts, but there are public beaches as well. If you brave Dubai in the summer, when temperatures reach past 100 degrees F, a beach is a must – and they're actually less crowded than they are in the winter!

Visiting Dubai is like going through a treasure chest. Just when you think you have found its brightest gem, you find yet another. There is always something to be discovered.

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