A Movie Christmas

With all of the available technology today, it is very easy to binge on watching Christmas movies. In fact, some channels are bragging about how many new Christmas movies that they will air this year.

It does not take long to realize that the template for each is basically the same.

1. Unhappiness – Most of the movies start with characters who are overworked, lonely or experiencing a need that has not been filled. Sometimes children seek a parent who has died or left them. Often a romantic relationship breakup has just occurred. Trauma of the past may be the cause for bitterness and refusal to celebrate the season. Regardless of the cause, the stars are usually unhappy at the beginning of the show.
2. Unusual circumstances – Many things can happen. One of the characters might travel to a different location because of their work or desire to escape from the place where they have been hurt. The change allows them to meet another person or perhaps even an angel who is eager to help them. A beautiful new environment might bring them new perspective. A well-meaning individual may provide the wisdom that leads to insight or despite the needs of another person leads to a new relationship and way of behaving.
3. Reluctance – There is always a wrench that is thrown into the plot. The main character puts up boundaries to protect themselves from the changes before them or or evil co-star makes trouble. Usually fear of change interfereses with moving forward. Misunderstandings can cause jealousy, anger or retreat. Trouble threatens a positive exit.
4. Clarity – When the characters finally realize that the new person or circumstances are to their benefit, barriers come down. Hearts are opened, and teamwork develops so that the main characters not only find love but also work together on a project that will spread the spirit of Christmas to others.
5. Happy ending – "And they all lived happily ever after" occurs in just ninety minutes. Everyone's dreams, goals and wishes are fulfilled. Even the viewer has a feeling that all is right with the world.

Would not it be wonderful if we could see everything all work in our personal lives in less than two hours? Families would get along. There would be enough money to pay all the bills and go on a cruise. We would be deliriously happy.

Unfortunately, real life does not work that way. Some people have lonely Christmases. Many cry over hurts from the past that have not been resolved. Lack of healthy communication can cause relationships to deteriorate further. Not everyone can afford to escape to a new location. Angels to not always show up just when they are needed.

Yes, life can be difficult!

But the good news is that all of us have choices. We can reach out to those around us, improve our communications and lower our expectations for family and self. Also, we can learn how to let go of the past hurts and problem-solve in a healthy manner.

Christmas movies are about positive change. You may not be able to do this so quickly in your personal life, but you can make positive change in your life if you begin by deciding to do so.

Perhaps you are ready to start working with a psychiatrist who is trained to help you consider your options and make positive choices.

Today may be the very best day to give yourself an early Christmas gift by booking an appointment.

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