Explore Andaman Just The Way You Should

Andaman is definitely paradise on Earth; and if you are planning to visit it sometime soon, it’s one of the best decisions you’ve made! A bunch of hundreds of islands, this archipelago is a perfect blend of white sand beaches, pristine waters, dense forests, corals, reefs, flora and fauna, and volcanoes! Whether a Nature lover, adventure lover, or a romantic enthusiast, there’s something to satisfy all kinds of visitors here. To explore Andaman at its best, you can have a professional travel agency arrange your trip for you. All you have to do is state your requirements and budget, and choose your package type, and you can rest assured to have the best trip ever!

Andaman for the love of Nature

If you are a Nature lover, it goes without saying that you have a lot to see and appreciate while you are at Andaman. Obviously, the picturesque beaches with white sands and pristine waters are there. But, along with that, you can also go snorkeling or scuba diving in Andaman to explore the amazing corals, reefs, and marine species that will have you wonder how beautiful Nature can get! But, there is a lot more you can appreciate Nature for.

  • Visit some of the endangered marine species at Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, and you will agree that it is a marine heaven on Earth.
  • The Limestone Caves in Baratang are another spot you wouldn’t want to miss out on to see how beautifully a rock of limestone stands as a cave.
  • There is a very thin sandbar that connects Ross and Smith Islands, which are twin islands in the archipelago. You have to visit it to believe how beautiful they look!

Andaman for adventure

From the crystal clear waters to the enriched marine life to the dense forests, everything adds the perfect flavour in the spice bowl of adventure in Andaman. Here are some things that can prove Andaman to be the perfect adventure spot.

  • Water activities – Scuba diving, snorkeling, underwater walking, parasailing, jet skiing, glass bottom boat riding
  • Trekking – With the dense forests surrounding the islands, you can have a chance to go trekking through the mangroves, with the best trek trail being from Mount Harriet to Madhuban.
  • Volcano viewing – You can view the only active and live volcano in Asia at Barren Island! There are also other dormant and mud volcanoes that you can encounter while you are at Baratang Island.

Andaman for romance

Whether you are newlyweds still looking to search each other’s romantic side, or those looking to rekindle your love after years of having been married, Andaman could be the best spot for both. It is an island full of stunning landscapes, picturesque beaches, and incredible marine life; all of which only adds to the beauty and romance of a trip. There is a lot that you can do in Andaman to spice up your romantic life.

  • You can walk down the beaches hand-in-hand and enjoy the sunrise and sunsets together.
  • You can arrange for a customized beachside romantic candlelight dinner with your favourite cuisine.
  • You can laze around in your room and spend quality time in the best resorts and cottages.
  • You can underwater walking, snorkeling, or scuba diving in Andaman, holding hands and exploring the incredible marine life underneath.
  • You can go on a cruise trip to explore the sea, or opt for glass bottom boat riding to mingle your romance with some adventure.

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