Money Saving Tips For Cheaper School Trips

Are you considering arranging an exciting and educational experience abroad for your students this year? But are you worried about the cost to the individuals? Help is at hand – there are simple money saving tips to keep cost down!

1. Transportation.
While we are quickly adapting to low cost flights and jetting off around the world on weekend breaks, the coach is still a good and cheaper option when going to Europe. You can usually save £ 50- £ 100 per person by choosing the coach. In addition to that, the coach is better for the environment and it gives you the comfort of being brought directly to and from your school door step and avoiding the stress of an airport. Ask for both a coach and air quote from your school tour operator to see the difference.

2. Accommodation.
When traveling on school trips to Europe, particularly to countries like Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland it is a great idea to stay in a youth hostel rather than a hotel. There are many new and refurbished hostels in Europe with fantastic facilities, in great locations and simply perfect for larger groups. Ask your tour operator for advice for your chosen destination.

3. Food.
It will be cheaper to pre-book dinners at your hostel or hotel rather than eating out. And for lunch, rather than risk ending up in premium prices cafeteria, why not pre-book packed lunches for the group at great value? Simply ask for cost when you inquire / book your trip.

4. Attractions.
This is really an area to look out for when planning your school study tour and you could save £ 20, £ 50 £ 100 per person. Days out packed with activities can really bump up the price of a trip if you pick only the large world known attractions. However, there are hundreds of free attractions to consider of equal interest and educational value. Ask for advice from your school tour operator when planning the itinerary, they will often be able to give you a list of free visit.

5. Destination.
You and your students may be dreaming of jetting off to New York, but if the budget simply is not there, there is always a cheaper and equally rewarding European equivalent. Europe is not to be underestimated for new inspiring places, and a good tour organizer can help you organize fantastic experiences closer to home for less money. When comparing quotes, always make sure you are really comparing like for like, read the "not included section", you may be surprised to find that not all tour companies include the same services!

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