Why Choose A Romantic Hotel For Your Valentines Break

When it comes to valentines breaks in the U.K many couples find the irresistible packages on offer by hotels a great option. If you and your partner are pressed for time or cannot go away on a cruise because you have to care for children or can’t get time off from work then a luxurious hotel stay right in the city could help you enjoy some romantic time without too many hassles.

Valentine breaks at a hotel could ensure great comfort and relaxation with spa treatments, comfortable stay options, great food, wine options and services like flower and chocolate deliveries to delight your spouse. Listed here are some great St. Valentine’s Day getaways.

The first is our list of romantic hotel destination for a Valentines break is the Star Castle Hotel, in the Isles of Sicily. It is located about 28 miles off the Cornish coast in the Atlantic Ocean on the sun-kissed archipelago and is amongst the most romantic places in Britain. The hotel is located in what was a Tudor castle built in the 16th Century. The height offers a magnificent view to guests who can choose from luxurious rooms inside the ancient castle more modern, garden rooms in the castle grounds. The best features of the hotel are its excellent cuisine and great levels of service. It is easy to access and a great getaway for both young and old.

The Plas Bodegroes, North Wales is another great place for a Valentines break. It calls itself a restaurant with rooms but the accommodation is luxurious. The food of course is great and is renowned throughout Europe. At this hotel you also get the added advantage of close proximity to the seaside and the hotel itself stands on the wild Lyln Peninsula. The Caernarvon Castle and Portmeiron are also nearby and guests often visit these attractions.

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