What Is Sorbolene and Is It an Effective Moisturiser

Sorbolene is an ingredient used in many moisturizing creams manufactured by several companies. Irrespective of the brand, the chemical composition of this ingredient remains the same, which is why most of moisturizing creams developed using its composition for skin hydration. Sorbolene based moisturising creams may also contain paraffin, purified water, and glycerine. The chemical itself is odourless and non-irritating.

Most skin specialists recommend sorbolene for treating dried and cracked skin. The cream can effectively treat skin that has been damaged because of pollutants, sun, heat, and chemicals. It can act as a barrier between the skin and allergens, preventing the skin from losing moisture and sheen because of the irritants. The moisturizing properties help the skin stay fresh and hydrated for a longer time.

The composition of paraffin and mineral oils present in sorbolene soften the skin and make it feel silky, smooth, and clean. The soothing nature of the cream makes it a preferred hand-moisturizing lotion. The best part about this product is that you do not need to use the cream after every few hours as the hydrating effect of the cream lasts very long.

The oil content in sorbolene is quite high and as such, it does not get absorbed into the skin very quickly as is the case with other moisturizing lotions. The hands and body feel smooth and radiant with the regular use of the cream. It works wonders on extremely dry or chapped skin. You can apply the lotion at night after bathing and keep it the whole night to keep the hands soft and smooth.

Despite the various benefits of the chemical, scientific studies and tests have often raised doubts regarding its safety. The composition of the cream is claimed to cause irritation. Some studies also show that the frequent use of the chemical may damage the body’s natural ability to fight the effects of irritants. However, these scientific tests have not been able to establish the claims.

Thousands of people continue to use this chemical even though some studies have put a question mark on its safety. In fact, most dermatologists still recommend it for sensitive skin. Eczema patients are also advised to apply it to treat the ailment effectively. The cream is also prescribed for infants with soft skin to keep the moisture intact.

This chemical is also used as a substitute for soap as it is not as harsh as soaps and does not cause any irritation. With ingredients such as glycerine and the presence of soothing agents that eliminate itchiness associated with dry skin, sorbolene cream has now become a part of the daily skin care routine of several people

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