Naughty Text Sex – 5 Text Messages That Will Get Your Woman In The Mood And Ready For Sex

Imagine the following scenario:

You come home from a hard day at work and as soon as you open the front door – your woman leaps into your arms, with a HUGE SMILE ON HER FACE.

Her smile then turns to a cheeky grin and she KISSES YOU PASSIONATELY and takes your hand and leads you to the bedroom.

An hour later you both collapse in a sweaty heap, having had AMAZING SEX.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Sadly, the reality for most couples is that they get home from work and collapse on the sofa. Then they watch television, have dinner, shower and go to bed.

Without sex.

What happened? Where did the passion go?

I’ll tell you where – most couples let work and other stresses in life get in the way.

Here is how you can keep the passion with your woman:

5 Text Messages That Will Get Your Woman In The Mood And Ready For Sex

Use these text messages whilst you are at work to keep your woman thinking about you…

1. “I’m thinking about you”

This is a simple, slightly mysterious text message to send to your woman.

She will most probably respond with something like:

“Oh really? What are you thinking?”

From there – make your next message a little sexier…

2. “I’m thinking about how good you’re lips are going to taste when I kiss you tonight”

This will get your woman starting to fantasize about you kissing her.

She might reply with something like THIS:

“I can’t wait darling. Works so boring. Looking forward to being in your arms tonight!”

When your woman sends you a message like that it is your signal that she is getting a little turned on. YOU are definitely on her mind at this point, NOT HER WORK/JOB.

Follow her response up with something a little more naughty, like this:

3. “I’m looking forward to slowly kissing every inch of your body baby”

When you send your woman a message like this – you can reasonably expect her to be getting more than a little turned on and SEXUALLY EXCITED.

The fact that she is feeling like that at work (possibly in a packed office), is even more exciting and NAUGHTY for her.

She may respond with:

“Oh babe, I’m really turned on”

Or, she might say:

“Babe, STOP IT – I can’t take this at work”

Whichever reply she gives you – CARRY ON.

No matter what she says, she wants to hear more. Your text messages are most likely ten times more interesting than whatever else she is spending her day doing.

Keep the conversation going with something like this:

4. “Ok I’ll stop texting you now babe because I don’t want to distract you. Just before I stop, this is what I’d have said if I was going to carry on messaging you… After I’ve taken all your clothes off and kissed every inch of your body, I’m going to lick you right where you want it! My hot breath and warm tongue are going to drive you crazy and I’m going to keep going until you come for me like my good girl”.

Now hear me out…

YES, that is a long text message. BUT believe me when I say it – IT WILL DRIVE YOUR WOMAN CRAZY.

Try it and see.

She will almost definitely come back with something like this:

“Oh babe, what are you doing to me? You are driving me crazy and I’m meant to be working! That sounds amazing. Tell me more…”

And of course – you do exactly that… tell her more…

5. “I’m going to make you feel so good babe. After I’ve given you an orgasm with my tongue I’m going to give you the best sex ever! Deep and hard – just how you like it. Got to get back to work right now though. See you tonight”

Listen up – this is priceless!

I’m smirking as I type this because I know how POWERFUL this is. The reason I know is because I do it with my girlfriend all the time.

When you send your woman a message like this one, you can guarantee several things:

  • She WANTS YOU and she wants you badly
  • She wants to hear more (don’t give her anymore though. TEASE HER and make her wait till you see her that night)
  • She is wet (and this will feel very naughty to her because she’s probably wet at a totally inappropriate time – whilst she’s at work)

Once you get good at this whole “naughty text sex thing” you can just make it up as you go along.

Just remember, much the same as with regular sex – it pays to start slowly and then get more naughty.

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