Which Type Of Caravan Should You Choose?

If you have recently begun the search for a caravan, you may have noticed that there are a startling amount of varieties (and sub-varieties) to choose from. For many people, they don’t even know where to start. Fortunately, choosing the best type of caravan for your family doesn’t have to be that hard, so long as you keep a few things in mind at all times.

But what types of caravan are there?

  • Full or Standard Caravan

These types of vans have a full frame coupled with solid sides, floor and roof. Glass or acrylic windows are used throughout the space. These caravans are relatively simple to position and set up, as well as being very easy to connect to the various amenities (such as power, water and drainage systems) you will need. These vans offer a substantial amount of headroom, living space and storage, making them ideal for extended holidays.

  • Pop-Top or Pop-Up Caravan

These types of vans are built along similar lines to the standard vans, except that the roof can be raised and lowered at will. This is done through the inclusion of a waterproof and windproof ‘gusset’ that is usually made out of vinyl. The roof can be raised or lowered using either gas struts or manual lift handles, both of which are fairly easy to operate. When the roof has been raised, these caravans offer a considerable amount of headroom, but less door height and wall cupboard space and storage.

  • Camper Trailer

Once set up, these trailers closely resemble the pop-top caravan. A wind up mechanism is generally used to open and set up the living space, allowing the trailer to be very compact in size. When compared with standard caravans and pop-top vans, a camper trailer is relatively lightweight and much easier to tow. They do, however, take time and effort to set and pack up.

The most popular variation on the pop-top caravan and camper trailer is extendable ends. This refers to the end wall (or walls) of the caravan being able to fold down when the vehicle is parked, usually used for beds, which increases the living space.

The above three types of caravan are the most popular types manufactured today, however, there are more varieties to choose from. By looking carefully at what you need in a caravan, you will be able to easier decide on what type is best for you and your family.

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