The Fastest Growing Cruise Market

The Fastest Growing Cruise Market

Are you looking to take the next cruise vacation but wondering where you should head off to? While you would love everything from playing online games to reading the Gaming Club review, there are a few things as great as a cruise vacation.

How Popular is A Cruise Vacation Anyway?

The global cruise is set to carry over 50 million people by 2027. This is aided by the fact that there are more cruising ships in the industry.

The Mediterranean has had the largest pie when it comes to global shipping. For instance, in 2013, it accounted for 20% of the world’s cruising. The Mediterranean had increased its tourist passengers by 23.6% from 2009 to 2013.

A Look at A Cruise Vacation to the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean boasts of some of the biggest operators in the industry. There are over 30 cruise lines that operate in the Mediterranean. For example, the MSC Meraviglia is one of the biggest and most advanced cruising ships. The ship can hold up to 5714 passengers and 1540 crew members.

Other big players include Celestyal and Royal Carribean. They all have big capacities that can satisfy tourists during the summer.

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The Mediterranean can cruise all year round. Although its peak season is experienced in May and early September, you could visit the place all year round. If you intend to visit as a tourist in peak season though, you would love the sublime weather that is perfect for sightseeing.

Regardless of the cruising hours, the Mediterranean sea is a source of leisure and fun for cruisers. A cruise can last 5 to 14 days with destination itineraries. This means that not much time is spent on the sea so if you are prone to seasick you don’t need worry.

A Look at the Number of Tourists

Each year, the number of tourists cruising in the Mediterranean is increasing. Moreover, the Mediterranean has all the aspects to beat the Carribean and become the designated world cruise. The capacity has been rising at a rate of 10.2% year over year. Tourists are fascinated by:

  • Diverse culture.
  • History
  • Landscapes
  • Unique sites
  • Cities
  • Gastronomy

The Mediterranean has kept being on top because of its unique offers. For instance, tourists have four to five days tour around several cities across the world. They include:- Egypt, Spain, Greece, Turkey, France, and Italy.

Unfortunately, in 2017 the dominance the Mediterranean had on its waters was surpassed. It only recorded 13.6% of the world’s global cruising. This was major as a result of China’s booming cruising market.

For instance, China’s GDP growth in the cruising industry rose by a staggering 70% between the years 2013-2016. The Chinese are going a step further by creating cruising ships for popular purposes. They are expecting that by 2020 they will record 4.5 million passengers.

However, this year there is hope that the Mediterranean will regain its lost glory. They are hoping to record 14% of the world’s cruising.

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