Masturbation Magic – The Stranger Technique

Whatever a man likes to do with his private time, masturbation always has the same end result in mind: an orgasm. For a man who has been masturbating his entire adult life – and likely a good part of his adolescent life – things in the self-love department can become boring and routine. That doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t feel good – because it does – it just means that the routine can lack a little originality, as a man may fall into the “same ole, same ole” technique — and for good reason — because it works. Even still, men who are looking for more excitement may want to change things up a bit. “The stranger” is one such way to make self-love a little more exciting; guys just need to be sure to use plenty of lube to avoid chafing and keep to the penis healthy.

What Is “The Stranger?”

The stranger may be one of the more well-known masturbatory techniques out there, but that doesn’t mean every man has heard of it – or perfected it. The idea behind the stranger technique is that sex is always more exciting or interesting when another person is involved. Doing it solo style gets the job done, but it may not have the same satisfaction as when a partner helps along the way. The fact of the matter is that sometimes a partner is not available – either because one is living the single life or has gotten the “not tonight dear” blow-off for the evening’s planned entertainment. So what is a man to do when he has no other option but to service himself? Enter the stranger.

Now that the premise is understood, it’s time to explain the technique. For a man to execute the stranger properly, he must be willing to endure a small amount of discomfort in order to get a big payout in the end. He must sit on his hand for an extended period of time until the hand goes numb – not dangerously numb as in the hand is turning purple and about to fall off numb – just to the stage where it is asleep and the fingers do not register a complete sense of touch. Once the hand is numbed up it is time for a man to go to town – preferably before the hand wakes up – getting off in this way essentially tricks the brain so that it feels as though somebody else is doing the work. Because the hand does not have its full range of sensation, the brain is really only registering the nerve endings of the manhood, giving a guy the feeling that he is just along for the ride. To really shake things up, a man can mix it up even more by using his non-dominant hand. In other words, if he is a righty in the bedroom he goes lefty and vice versa. Not only will this give him the stranger sensation, but he will have a different speed, angle, and technique than he is used to which may really make it feel like a partner is helping out.

Lubing Up

Most men use some sort of lubrication during solo play, but it can be tempting to skip it in a pinch – or use saliva or lotion. However, a high-quality lubricant is recommended for use all the time. Not only does this make things feel better; it also protects the skin of the penis. Repetitive, rough or vigorous masturbation can damage the delicate penis skin and the penile tissue, which can cause injuries that ranges from slight irritation all the way to penile curvature known as Peyronie’s disease. In addition to using lube every time, a man should also use a daily penis vitamin lotion (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to keep the penis healthy. A penis lotion heals damaged skin and can penetrate deeply to repair damaged blood vessels and tissue that can add up to a big problem over time. After all a healthy penis is a happy penis.

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