Lottery-Winning Vet Taking Wife On Dream Carnival Cruise

Lottery-Winning Vet Taking Wife On Dream Carnival Cruise

The Winning Ticket

While his initial win was for $100,000, anyone who plays the lottery or buys scratch-off cards will tell you that the government takes a nice chunk of change! That said, he’ll still walk away with over $70,000 as a result of his decision to purchase a ticket when he stopped to buy gas on his way home from work.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he says of the moment he realized that the Big Money Playbook scratch-off ticket had resulted in so big a win. “I literally went up to one of our towers and let out the biggest, ‘Yes!’ I just yelled out, I was so happy!”

Those leaving comments on the lottery blog seemed genuinely happy for the former Marine’s win. “My mother had breast cancer,” wrote one. “The best thing to do is help decrease stress, so that cruise may do more good than you realize. Have fun!”

Another thanked Harlow for his “selfless act of bravery and service to our country” before wishing he and his wife a good cruise.

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