Trip Advisor – Pack Your Suitcases – Vacations That Wont Break The Bank!

Many people find it easier to have a good time when they're not draining their bank accounts. Even with a down economy and people becoming more conscious about their funds, vacations plans need not suffer! There is no need to cancel family vacation plans; you can still have a wonderful family vacation, without taking out a loan or going bankrupt.


Getting back to nature has long been great for a getaway that doesnt cost much. Since restaurants are expensive, camping allows you to pack your own food and the savings add up there alone. Parking an RV, or pitching a tent on a campsite, can be a small fraction of the cost of a posh hotel. With free activities such as swimming, fishing and campfires, there is no need to increase the budget for activities.


Many people think cruises are expensive and out of their reach. On the contrary, if you go during certain periods of time, a cruise can be very cost effective. Cruises provide free entertainment as well as all you can eat food bars. One can select cabins that do not have a view for lower fares. While a smaller cabin might be uncomfortable, there are so many things to do aboard the ship, that you only need it to sleep. For a low cost a family can enjoy a super vacation across the open sea.

Orlando, Florida

If one is willing to take in a time share session or two, Orlando can be the place to go. Things are packaged together and often include free theme park tickets, if you can sit through a sales session. Hotels and rental cars in this area tend to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum. While tickets to the major theme parks are expensive, there are lots of ways to get quick discounts. Every child loves Disneyworld and all the sites in Orlando that go along with it. By doing some research, Orlando can be a cost effective solution for vacation.

Las Vegas

One might be surprised to see Vegas on the list. Vegas can actually be very cost effective. The hotels main goal is to get one into their casinos. Often package deals including air fare, rental car and hotels, are hard to beat. Dozens of economic buffets and attractions are mere ploys to pull one into the gambling arena. If you can stay away from the slots, Vegas can be a wonderfully cheap vacation. But if one has some extra funds, the shows in this area are unbelievable.


The latest trend in vacationing, is to have a staycation. This is simply where one stays around their local town viewing all the sites. Sounds boring, not really, here is a list of things one can do close to home:

• Attend a baseball or other sport game

• Visit local zoo's, or amusement parks

• Visit relatives that you do not always get to because of busy schedules

• Have a picnic in the park

• Fish, swim and do water activities at a nearby lake

• Museums and other tourist attractions

With careful planning, one can have the perfect vacation and money to spare. Just because the economy is down, does not mean that we do not all still need a getaway. By being creative, ones family can come up with the perfect vacation getaway.

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