Go Green on Your Luxury Sailing Yacht Trip

The best way to combine a luxury holiday at sea with an eco-friendly endeavor is to take a trip aboard a luxury sailing yacht. Given that your sailing activity is powered by wind-energy, you will be able to enjoy an emission-free journey whilst soaking up the glorious beauty of the locations you will visit.

When you visit various locations on your luxury sailing yacht, it is your responsibility to play your part in reducing your carbon footprint by taking great care to minimize the effects of your presence and leave the locations in the pristine conditions you found them in.

Smooth Sailing on Your Luxury Yacht

The average speed that can be reached by a luxury sailing yacht is 10 knots / hour – imagine the pure bliss of racing across the ocean without the intrusive humming noise of an engine. All you will hear is the water as it laps against the bow – so even noise pollution will be kept to a bare minimum as you sail in harmony with the elements without using a drop of oil ..

Another thing to consider is your crew's sensitivity towards the environment with regards to the products used to clean and maintain the vessel. There are products available that are less harmful and help conserve your surrounding environment. So even when your crew cleans the superyacht with eco-friendly cleaning products, you can be a part of an effort to reduce your carbon footprint knowing that you wont harm the water around you.

Tips To Make Your Luxury Sailing Yacht Trip Eco-Friendly:

o Respect your natural surroundings: When venturing out on your superyacht, you are bound to travel to pristine locations, rich in natural beauty. It is your responsibility to respect your natural surroundings. When snorkelling or diving, be careful not to damage the beds of coral with diving fins.

o Harness natural ventilation: On most onboard adventures, you will be exposed to the natural winds of the ocean, even when docked. When possible, ensure that you open vents and hatches to harness the natural ventilation provided by the breeze instead of relying on power draining air conditioning systems.

o Green-up your water activities: Luxury sailing yachts afford you with the opportunity to partake in a variety of water sports at the destinations you visit. You can make a difference and reduce your carbon footprint by opting for water sports that are not fuel-driven. These create both noise and carbon pollution, which can be easily avoided by opting for snorkelling, floating mats, kayaks and wind or kite boards.

o Control your garbage disposal: There are many ways to control how your waste disposal will affect your environment. Never throw garbage (including food) overboard as this has a detrimental impact on the natural eco-system. Fish and other sea animals are not accustomed to our food, which is because disposing of any excess food overboard can potentially be life-threatening to them. Cigarette butts can also be commonly mistaken for food, so make sure that you educate all on board to dispose of cigarette ends in a designated location where they can not land up polluting the sea.

o Limit the amount of garbage: When packing or preparing for your trip aboard a superyacht, make an effort to avoid taking plastic on board. Garbage disposals, especially on smaller islands you may visit, usually end up in landfills which have a negative impact on the environment. Limit the amount of garbage you create by shopping wisely beforehand – avoid lots of smaller plastic water bottles, rather opt for larger gallon sized bottles. Avoid plastic or disposable cutlery as well as accumulating plastic bags. Excess bottles or plastic bags that float around have a habit of landing up in the water where they are potentially harmful for fish or other sea animals that could mistake them for food or get cooked up in them.

By taking heed of these few suggestions, you can play your part in preserving marine life and the local environments you visit while still enjoying a luxury sailing yacht trip.

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