Experience the Paradise of the Caribbean

Most of us have an idyllic paradise fantasy island, we’d love to visit, and going on

vacation to the Caribbean will fulfill that fantasy. There are various islands to

choose from, including the well known Jamaica, Barbados the Bahamas And Trinidad,

and you could concentrate on one or explore more of them and island hop by boat. You

could organize the trip yourself, but it may be beneficial for first time visitors

to book through a specialist Caribbean travel agent, who will have extensive

knowledge of what each island has to offer.

You can expect temperatures between 75 and 85F during both summer and winter, but

late night and early in the morning are often chillier. The whole year tends to be

humid, with its share of bugs, and its generally advised not to visit in the fall

when mosquitoes are much in evidence.

There is a variety of accommodation on the islands, including luxury hotels, private

villas, and villa resorts. You can charter a yacht or book yourself on a cruise

ship. If you want a more inexpensive choice, there are also apartments and


If you have sufficient sailing experience, you could captain your own yacht, whether

a motor or by sail, or you could hire one with a crew,

With beautiful, palm fringed golden beaches and turquoise water, it’s tempting just

to sunbathe with a pina colade. If you want to be more active, there’s plenty to do,

and some hotels specialize in different activities. Most of the larger sized islands

have golf courses, the superior ones run by the better hotels or villa resorts. Look

out for package deals, which include golf in the price. The Caribbean is a favorite

haunt for scuba divers. The majority of islands have dive shops, and it’s easy to

organize. If you’re a novice, there is tuition available. You can even arrange to

stay somewhere near to one of the dive shops. Coral reefs, caves and shipwrecks make

it an unforgettable experience.

The Caribbean experience wouldn’t be fulfilled, unless you’ve danced the calypso in

a carnival, and it’s a good idea to time your trip for at least one of these.

The Caribbean has worked to raise its standard of cuisine for the international

tourist, and you can expect excellent food, especially the locally caught, fresh


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