Caribbean Cruise – An Eating Guide

For many, whether they care to admit it or not, holidays are great about the food. Yes, the places are important, the sunbathing, the books read, but a large chunk of holiday conversation is taken up by questions regarding where the next meal is going to be ateen, what it's going to consist of, and whether it lives up to the last meal that was ateen. A cruise may seem to some take away from this simple holiday pleasure but on the contrary a Caribbean Cruise provides as many dining options as a local village or small town.

All cruise liners will have a central dinning room which will vary depending on the style and superiority of the cruise that you have chosen. The more exclusive the cruise is, the more sophisticated the central dinning room is, its menu and its dress code. On the better ships a 5 course al a carte menu will be available on a daily basis, with silver service, and a suit jacket if not a tuxedo a prerequisite for entering the room. Even on the less exclusive cruise ships a formal dinning room will be found for which people will dress for dinner. The menu in this type of restaurant will be of equal standard to the menu you may find at a top quality restaurant in a main city. Many people will choose to only eat in the main restaurant once during their cruise, opting for less formal options for the other meals.

In addition to the main dinning room you will find any number of more casual restaurants on board. These restaurants will vary in class level and type of food from brasserie to Caribbean, Indian to Chinese, Italian to French. These restaurants are much less formal while providing a high quality of food, and usually serve throughout the day.

Finally, there will be through the cruise ship a number of snack bars or fast food bars like pizzerias. These are often preferable for mid-day snacks when a full meal is not required.
All in all, there are literally tens of options for food on any Caribbean cruise liner, making the all consuming "where do we eat" tonight conversations as relevant as ever.

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