What to Look For in a Vacation Club With Beach Clubs, Resorts, Cruises, or Condos

You should only ever purchase a membership to and exclusive travel club if it is one that provides massive discounts on beach holidays, resorts, flights, cruises, hotels and condos. You want it to cover all of these. In some cases you can save up to 85% off the recommended retail price so it is really worth putting in the research before you buy. It is certainly possible to get 4 and 5 star accommodation and 2 and 3 star prices if you find the right membership package. You should be able to chose from several ‘Hot Weeks’ options where you can pick up a week’s accommodation for as little as $100. This should be flexible and not limited to one state or location.

The total upfront cost should not be more that $697 for a membership. Look for memberships with one off membership fees instead of recurring or annual fees. There should be no lock in contracts or exit fees, the whole process should be seamless and transparent.

Any quality vacation club will be a well polished, researched vacation club with a huge variety of vacation packages on offer at all times. The discounts should be fantastic and available worldwide. Ideally you should be able to choose from 1000’s of locations and be flexible with the number of nights stay, as well as co-ordinate your flights and transport.

There are vacation clubs available now that offer you a commission for referring members to them. If you choose this path it shouldn’t cost you any more for the purchase although there may be some smaller ongoing fees for maintenance and marketing.

In summary, choose wisely as there is a lot of competition in the market and it all adds up to making the membership packages very affordable for anyone looking to join up!

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