Cruising and Seasickness

It has been observed that on their first trip on board a ship some people get sick. If you are forward to feel sick while traveling on a bus or a car, you may assume that there are chances of getting sick on board the ship. Therefore when you are deciding to take a cruise you should take proper precautions so that you are able to take pleasure in your trip.

Those who get seasick take Dramanine when they are traveling by sea. This may prevent seasickness; but the drawback in taking this is that it makes you feel tired and sleepy as a result you are not in a position to enjoy the cruise.

There is another non-medicine option that some people use, which works well with them. This is wearing a wrist band. The wrist band works on the principle of acupressure. The wrist band is worn on the wrist a bit tight so that it creates pressure points on certain points that help in inhibiting nausea which is the main cause of seasickness. As no medicine is involved in this band, there is no chance of any side effects. But the sad part is that these bands do not work for everyone. For some people the wrist band works very well.

If you are someone who feels sick on a bus or a car can try on the wrist band. Before going on a cruise you can put on a band and travel in a car to test wherever you are getting sick or not. It may so happen that on your trial run with the wrist band, you may be able to get used to it and at the same time might be able to avoid the sickness at sea. Therefore do not let seasick prevent you from having a wonderful time on the cruise.

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