Tips to Enjoy Cruises When It’s Your First Time

Today, travelling on a cruise has become the best option to many people unlike in the early days when it was meant for the royal families only. Initially, travelling on a ship was very expensive and cruises on business were few. There are various ships on business today and the competition is relatively high. The transportation charges are low with many passengers opting for these kind of travel. The following are some good tips that will help you enjoy your cruise.

1. Prices are high during the pick season in every travel organization. Always travel when the prices are down and you will save quite good money. If your schedule travel is flexible, book your ship the last hour. One thing you should know is, the cruise line would prefer charging less money than leaving with a partially or an empty cabin. This way, you may get up to 50 percent discount.

2. Use the ship lines of transportation. If you live far from the port, use a bus from your cruise company. If by bad luck the bus breaks down on the way, the ship will still wait. Even though the charges will be a little high, it will be fun being driven to the port. It would be better going at an extra cost rather than missing your flight after wasting much time and money on booking the ship.

3. Always keep an eye on your luggage. Make sure you have all your luggage when you get off the bus. Wait until the porter has carried all your belongings. It is important to mark your baggage for easier identification, there will be many similar briefcases in the ship. While purchasing your briefcases, it is advisable to opt for unique colors which be easier to identify. Pack light to avoid carrying many bags. The light your pack, the easier to manage.

4. Have permanent tags on your luggage. The tags should contain your names and your home address. Your names should march with the names in your identification card. This will easily help you to relocate your luggage in case it lost.

5. A travel insurance is very important. Purchase a travel insurance with your cruise company to cater for your goods in case of theft. Make a list of all your belongings and if possible have their photos.

6. Make sure you have all the travelling documents in your carry-on bag. This will include documents such as passport, visa, identification card (ID), birth certificate and your home address. These are important documents and you can hardly travel without them.

7. Visit your doctor before your travel to advice you on which medicine to carry for seasickness. Pack enough medicine to last your travel. You can also avoid seasickness by taking Ginger tea in the morning and in the evening. There are also Ginger tablets available.

8. Carry sunburn lotion and sunglasses with. Sometimes, the it is extremely hot in the ship and this will be the only way to help your body from getting bruises.

9. If you are a smoker, smoke in designated areas. If you are to smoke in the room, make sure all the other members are smokers. Smoking is harmful to your health therefore, do not offend other passengers.

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