Discover Out of the Way Walton-On-Thames – Surrey

Walton-on-Thames – Surrey was for years a tiny town hindered much by the surrounding parks and forests. In 1583, Henry VIII declared the area as part of a deer park known as Hampton Court. After his death, the town was restored, but was still surrounded by royal parks until a railway was established in 1838. After this, one of the parks was sold for development and helped bring more life to this small town.

Since Walton is only a 30 minute rail ride from Waterloo, this did much to increase the popularity of the town, and it became known as the commuter town. In recent years, a shopping area has been developed and is now flourishing, a beautiful area with shops, landscaping, a library, and restaurants. The Elmbridge Museum is another popular attraction here.

The Thames River has also done much for Walton. Small boats enjoy the marina and water, and visitors can take advantage of the JGF Passenger boat, which hosts daily cruises.

With a population in Walton-on-Thames of only about 22,000 people, this is quite a small town, but it has grown over 390% from only a few years ago. The people here are hardworking and friendly, and any visitor will note that the spirit here is nothing short of friendly and welcoming.

The Burhill Golf Club here is one of the finest in Surrey and offers beautiful relaxing views for any lover of this sport to enjoy. There is also a popular community arts center that provides local music, and other arts and crafts displays and classes.

Come visit this tiny commuter town to escape the rest of the busy bustling world. Relax for a day on the River Thames, take a stroll on its banks overflowing with greenery, splurge in the unique local shops, and enjoy local fare at one of the popular town restaurants.

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