Luxury Small Ship Cruises Offer Glamour and Romance

Sit down, close your eyes and imagine this! The warmth of a tropical island sun on your body, you are standing on the deck of your small luxury cruise ship, you have settled into your spacious cabin, you are enjoying a cold drink and with the promise of glorious weather and indulgent behaviour for the days stretching ahead, you are more than ready for some serious pampering in a natural and unspoilt environment. The only sound you hear is the swish of the boat as it glides through blue sparkling waters and casts off for an island holiday of your dreams.

You pass white ocean beaches with sand so clean it squeaks, beautiful local villages with that lazy relaxed feeling and wide-eyed children that wave to you as they jump up and down on the beaches trying to catch your eye.

As your cruise ship glides past remote villages nestled into a natural unspoilt environment with lush tropical vegetation, you can hear somewhere in the distance the barely audible sound of ukuleles and soft singing – it is starting to feel like you are in paradise.

Does this sound like the sort of holiday you might like?

It’s been a big year, lots of challenges have presented themselves, you been working really hard, the kids have been sick with colds and flu, the winter blues are not over yet and Spring has just started to show us she is on her way. You are more than ready for some soft sun, balmy nights and the pure luxury of an island holiday is beckoning.

Can you think of a better way to ease yourself into the spirit of summer than an island cruise to lift your spirits and get you excited about life again?

What’s your idea of a perfect holiday?

We all love holidays and they represent different things to different people. Some of us want to lie on the beach, swim in warm waters, go shopping or laze around and read a book under a beach umbrella.

Others prefer a more energetic holiday and want to go hiking and exploring new landscapes.

Some see a fishing holiday as the best thing to do and others crave the glamour and romance of life on a small luxury cruise boat with nothing to think about except the next glorious beach, a visit to a local island community to buy some souvenirs, what’s on the menu for dinner tonight and is it time for my next swim yet? Pure luxury…

Nothing will rejuvenate your senses more than a sun-filled holiday on board a small, but perfectly formed luxury island hopping cruise that has been designed with your total comfort in mind and all the pleasures you could ever want in a holiday.

Luxury travel – designed to spoil you right down to the smallest touches

These small ships are all about pampering and spoiling you to the point where you are so relaxed it’s difficult to remember a time where you were feeling this good.

When you book a holiday on a luxury cruise ship you will want for nothing – every little whim has been thought about very carefully and catered for in the best possible way, right down to the lovely touches like the best quality fine linen on your bed, your own ensuite bathroom, even your own deck right outside your generous sized cabin with individually controlled air conditioning.

As the sun goes down the night lights up

When it’s time to turn in for the night after a glorious day, your king size bed is waiting to envelope you gently after a day of swimming, fishing, shopping, walking or just lying on the beach. The finishing touches of fresh flowers and exquisite chocolates delivered daily to your cabin complete the picture of indulgence and luxury as you turn out the light on a day that you will remember as magical.

You awake after the most restful sleep to another beautiful day and your bathroom is stocked with a selection of beautiful natural soaps and shampoos. The only decision looming is what to have for breakfast, which is usually served on the deck to enable you to take advantage of the beautiful scenery.

Did we talk about the food yet?

It’s wonderfully relaxing to be in the fresh air taking in the smells and flavours of other cultures. And we know that all this relaxing and lying around gives you an appetite.

The crew know how important the food and wine is on your holiday and for this reason some of the finest chefs from around the world are on board to bring you magnificent meals day after day.

Local delicacies, seafood and organic produce are sourced from local farmers’ markets and matched with a selection of award-winning wines and cheeses to produce your evening dinner which you can choose to have under the stars!

On a luxury cruise the crew are fully trained and equipped to make your holiday the best it can be from the moment you step on board.

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