From Cruises to Caribbean Live Performances

Great number of cruises visit the Caribbean year after year to hear its best sounds. With African heritage, Caribbean is among the most lively places you could actually visit being a music lover. In the Caribbean you will see the finest Reggae players like Bob Marley during the 70s.

Costa Rica, Antigua and Barbuda has been known for bringing entertainment for tourists on cruises. The restaurants and bars located in these areas would usually release a monthly list of line up so you get to choose which performer you wan to see. This list would help you have an idea on the places of nightlife and great music in the Caribbean.

Café Mango

Located in the Southern part of the Caribbean, Costa Rica hosts one of the best places in the Caribbean for jazz, Reggae and other styles of music performed live. You could choose from a variety of performers throughout the week from Latino Salsa, hip hop and other genres that could get you on your feet. Situated within the proximity of the best hotels in Costa Rica, this place is a favorite for most people on a cruise ship.

Russel’s Bar & Seafood Restaurant

Located in the very historic Fort James in Antigua, Russel’s Bar & Seafood Restaurant allows its customers not only to enjoy the music but also the rich history dating back to 18th century! Only this place could attract you to get the best steamed cockles dabbed by the fines wine sauce.

Aside from the delights that gets t be enjoyed by your palate, you could find the most elegant jazz music in this place during the weekend. But if you are going to visit the place, make sure you arrive before sun sets! With a picturesque sunset, this place is also romantic getaway and a highlight of your tour to the Caribbean.

Shirley Heights

Located in the National parks and having the vantage point over English and Falmouth Harbour, this place is among the best views that you could get to visit on your Caribbean tour. Dubbed as one of the best party places on the island their parties start as early as 4pm during Thursdays and Sundays. And the Aside form the fact that you get to enjoy good music and good food, you should definitely come on a Thursday as their entrance is free of charge plus you get to see a Steel Band performance!

The Coast

The Coast is located in Heritage Quay. This venue is home to one of the best dockside venue of Antigua with nightly live music. Quality live performances start from 10pm onwards. Local artists and bands typically set the night’s mood from Calypso, to reggae to some of the most popular tunes today. The Coast is among the most visited Caribbean spots especially during the weekend!

From cruises, you could get to enjoy the best of what Caribbean has to offer with its live performances. In these places, not only will you enjoy a great view of what the Caribbean is all about, but you also get to have the best foods out there.

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