What Type Of Food Is Available On A Cruise?

One of the best aspects of going on a cruise is the fact that all of the food is included in the price, you can eat as much as you would like all week long! All of the cruise lines offer a variety of food that is available, here are some of the common options:

1. Buffet
Most of thee major cruise lines offer large buffets that serve many different types of foods. Sometimes they have themed days where you can get different types of ethnic foods. The buffets are great, because they are more relaxed about the dress code, so you do no need to worry about how you are dressed when you go to get your food.

2. Main Dining Rooms
Usually there are 1 or 2 main dining rooms on the ship. Often, the cruise line will assign you a specific meal time and table, so you can attend your dinner at the same time each day. These restaurants have strict dress codes, so make sure that you are dressed accordingly

3. Cafes and Pizza Counters
All of the big cruise ships offer 24-hour cafes and/or pizza where you can get snacks and food throughout the day. Many times, these food places are located near the swimming pools or common areas, you don’t not need to wait for a meal time to get food there.

4. Fancy Restaraunts
Most of the cruise ships offer fine-dining for a small price. For example, they may have a specialty steakhouse or a ethnic restaurant that costs $15 or $20 per person for dinner. You will find that these eating establishments have a more intimate atmosphere and they also offer higher-quality cuisine.

No matter where you choose to eat on the cruise ship, you will most likely be pleased with your choice. Many cruise ships pride themselves in their high-quality and large amounts of food. You definitely won’t starve during your vacation on the sea!

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