The Norwegian Bliss Show You Can’t Miss

The Norwegian Bliss Show You Can’t Miss

The newest ship to join Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet has a lot to offer in the entertainment department, but for our money, one performance steals the show. If we could only pick one to see again (and again) aboard the Norwegian Bliss, it would have to be Happy Hour: Prohibition Edition.

What Makes The Show Special

There are bigger shows on board (including the original musical Havana!) and more famous ones (Broadway’s Jersey Boys), but Happy Hour sets itself apart in nearly every way from either of those. First, there’s the setting. While both of the other performances are held in Bliss’ main theater, Happy Hour is a far more intimate evening, taking place in Social, which doubles as both the space for comedy performances and, later in the evening, the home to several dance events.

One of Miss Lulu’s girls puts on a show.

Even as guests are being seated in the space, you begin to get a sense that you’re in for something slightly different as the ladies who work at Madam Lulu’s New Orleans-based club begin circulating through the room, flirting with the clientele in their scanty costumes. Before long, Miss Lulu herself takes to the stage, introduces you to her girls… and the real fun begins as she explains that it is January 16, 1919… and the prohibition era is set to begin come morning!

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What follows is an hour of slightly risque humor, audience interaction, beautifully performed tunes from the era and a lot of laughs. The show is a little naughty, a little flirty and a whole lotta fun. And just to get you in the mood, there are periodic drink breaks as the staff of Miss Lulu’s serves up five specialty cocktails. After all, Miss Lulu needs to get all the booze off the premises if she doesn’t want to get busted once prohibition begins! (Don’t worry, you’re not going to walk out seeing double… these are more sample sized drinks than full-sized cocktails.)

A Few Things To Know About The Show

On the eve of Prohibition, guests of Miss Lulu’s are treated to a show and some cocktails. (Photo courtesy of NCL)

  • Get there early! It’s not a huge space, and as word spreads, we suspect this show is going to be ridiculously popular.
  • It is an adult’s only show, with no one under the age of 16 admitted. And while it’s not incredibly raunchy, there is some adult language used.
  • The show isn’t free. At the moment, it’s priced at $19.95 per person.
  • If you’re shy, avoid the front row… there is definitely some audience participation. (That said, the lovely ladies wander throughout the room, and we saw them plucking people from all over the space!)
  • There’s really no bad seating… including at the bar. While there are a few pillars in the room, the performers really work the entire space, making it so that there’s really not a bad seat in the house.
  • Although there is a bar in Social, it is not open during performances of Happy Hour. This makes sense, as the bar staff is kept pretty busy whipping up and periodically presenting the five specialty cocktails which are served over the course of the hour.

Does Prohibition sound like a show you would see? Does the fact that it has a fee associated with it give you pause?


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