What Is the Best Time to Go on a Cruise to Mexico and Hawaii?

Los Angeles is a major cruise departure port in the United States, owed to its position facing the Pacific Ocean. LA is a gateway to the world, because cruises from Los Angeles can go anywhere in the globe through the Pacific Ocean. One of the top destinations in LA cruises is Mexico and Hawaii, which are popular escapes to paradise.

How Much are Cruises?

There are many cruise liners to choose frompecially if you are looking for cheap discounted trips. Peak seasons in travel greatly affect the prices of cruises going to Hawaii and Mexico. The savings you could have for a discounted cruise can be as much as $ 500 per person. The cruises from Los Angeles that go to Hawaii cost up to $ 1400 per head for a 15-night voyage. On the other hand, cruises to Mexico cost $ 400 to $ 900 for a seven-day trip.

Celebrity Cruises offer one of the cheapest cruises from Los Angeles going to the islands of Hawaii, the lowest rates costing $ 1350 per head for a two-week cruise. However, all rates from cruise ships displayed online are subject to change without further notice. There are no deadlines for bookings, but the rates become more expensive as you book nearer to the departure date of the cruise. To get cheap deals with cruises from Los Angeles, you have to plan and book the cruise at least four months before your actual trip. This way, you get the limited discounted offers that are sold on a first come first served basis. Tickets are also usually cheaper for both destinations in September and mid-December because of the smaller number of tourists.

Hawaii or Mexico?

Both places are top destinations when it comes to cruises. Cruises to Mexico are best from October to May. The summer weather from June to September are too humid. On the other hand, Hawaii is best to be visited during the dry season which is from April to October. Peak season for travel to Hawaii is also experienced during the winter months is the US; cruise liners are usually full of families with children during these months. Arrange your trip three weeks before or after Christmas, when the crowd is usually thinner than usual.

Online travel sites are one of the best ways to get cheap and quick reservations for cruises going to Hawaii, Mexico, and even the Panama Canal. They will allow you to compare different cruises from Los Angeles, as well as choose the best dates for your vacation.

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