Norwegian Cruise Lines – What to Do When You Board

If you have decided to take one of the many exciting excursions that are offered by Norwegian Cruise Lines, and have never cruised before, you're probably wondering what you can expect when you board. Norwegian Cruise Lines are the crème-de-la-crème of cruise lines, and they offer four star services from the minute you board. You can make things go along more smoothly if you take time to plan ahead – and when possible, book early – so that everything about your first day out goes smoothly.

Arrive as Early as Possible

Arrive at the port as early as possible so that you can board the cruise liner and go ahead and get checked in. If you wait until it is near time to depart, you will find yourself stuck in long lines and wishing you had thought to get there a bit earlier. Arriving early allows you to get settled into your cabin and start getting to know the ship a bit better.

Where's My Luggage?

When you first board your cruise liner, you will be able to drop your luggage in the area (usually outside) of the ship that is designated as the luggage drop-off area. Norwegian Cruise lines staff and porters will have your luggage waiting for you in your cabin when you get there – so there's no need for you to lug around your bags while waiting.

Go Ahead and Have Some Lunch

If you board the ship before lunchtime, you will have the opportunity to go ahead and grab yourself a bite to eat. Norwegian Cruise Lines is renamed for their delicious cuisine and top of the line chefs – which means that you will enjoy four star dining the entire time you are aboard. This is not the time, by the way, to hold yourself to any diet regimen – there are far too many temptations awaiting you on an NCL cruise!

Get to Know the Ship

While you are waiting to set sail, take time get to know the ship better. Many cruises will feature a ship tour, while others will not. Knowing the surroundings a bit better will allow you to get the most out of your cruise as you navigate the different activities that are available. Find out (if you have not done so already) what activities that are offered aboard the ship.

Settle in Your Cabin

Once you are in your cabin, you can begin unpacking and setting up for your stay aboard the ship, sort of "find your sea legs". Check to make sure that you have everything you need – extra pillows and blankets are just a phone call away – so contact guest services if you need anything that's not already supplied for you or that you did not bring from home. Remember, you can also pick up supplies at the different ports-of-call that you will visit. In your cabin, you will usually also find an itinerary for the cruise – which includes the different adventures and activities that will be offered – and will be useful in planning what you will do when you're not visiting the beautiful destinations ahead.

Saving on Your Norwegian Cruise Lines Cruise

Saving on your cruise may be as simple as booking early (or even booking late). When you book your NCL cruise early, you can take advantage of early bird cruise rates, which often offer hundreds of dollars in savings per person planning to cruise. Booking early also allows you greater freedom to choose the room you are dreaming of, the ship you've wanted to try out, and the best itineraries. Book at least six months in advance for maximum savings. On the other hand, booking late can allow you to swoop in and snag fantastic travel deals, although the room selection and ship selection is not as good as when you book early, and you may have to accept an a travel date that you hadn 't originally planned on. Either way, Norwegian Cruise Lines is an economic way to see the world in style.

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