Hawaii Cruise Destinations and Shore Excursions

Hawaii cruise … One way of getting the most of your Hawaiian cruise is to know more about the destinations and different shore excursions offered. Hawaii is home to the 'best island in the world' and it will be a waste if you do not find out why it is dubbed such. Hawaiian cruise destinations include Hilo and Kona (both on the mainland) Maui, Kauai, Oahu and the Fanning Islands.

Hilo is the capital city of Hawaii and is home to the most active volcano in the world. Kilauea sightseeing is one of the offered shore excursions on Hilo. It is an active volcano which has been shooting up lava since 1983. The mix of colors and the danger of lava both provides for a thrilling excursion which will absolutely entice any adventurous traveler. Either from a helicopter ride or land transport to 4,000 feet, you can marvel at the site of this volcano.

Kona is also on the mainland. However, the most featured Hawaiian cruise shore excursions in these parts are not found on land but under the sea. A traveler who likes underwater activities will love to go on the stylish Body Glove for a cruise to the Pawai Bay. This bay is a protected marine reserve so there are plenty of colorful coral reefs and underwater life forms to watch through snorkeling. But if you are the less adventurous type of traveler, then you should board one of the fishing boats from the Honokohau Harbor and be ready to catch priced ahi tuna or mahi-mahi.

Maui which is dubbed as the best island in the world is where you can do anything under the sun and on the beach. The island has the best surfing waves as well as well-maintained grass and landscape to play golf on. Then there are also the whale watching excursions. From the Ma'alaea Harbor, you can board a boat that heads for deep waters to watch majestic humpback whales and listen to their hypnotizing songs. At the end of the day, when the time comes for the sun to set, you can watch it transform from different shades of yellow to orange.

Oahu is where the cosmopolitan Honolulu is located and ideal for Hawaiian cruise travelers looking for classy dining and a place to shop. On the other hand, if you want to veer away from the sea and enjoy lush greens, Kauai Island is the best place to be. The main attraction here is Mt. Wai'ale'al which is said to be the wettest place on the globe for receiving an average of 485 inches of rainy a year.

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