Caribbean Cruise Weddings

One of the most important events in your life is your wedding. It can also be one of the most stressful events of your life with all the planning involved. One plan that can avoid stress is having your wedding on a Caribbean cruise. There are many Caribbean Cruise wedding packages to fit your style and budget. All you need is a dress, a groom and a guest list and the wedding experts aboard ship will take care of everything else.

Wedding cruises are becoming quite the rage. Within the last five years there have been thousands of weddings held aboard cruise ships on the warm Caribbean seas. In any given year, on any given cruise line over 2,000 weddings is held. This increase is actually not very surprising, because it is so romantic, easy and convenient to hold a wedding on a cruise ship. Not only is the wedding ceremony spectacular, but also your honeymoon is a built-in added commodity.

Most cruise liners have their own chapels aboard ship, and the captain is authorized to perform ceremonies at sea. Some ships have chapels, but you are required to perform the ceremony while you are in a port of call, prior to departure.

The expenses of wedding on a cruise depend on your budget and taste. If you elope on a cruise, then you are basically just paying for the cruise and a small fee for the ceremony. However, it you choose a traditional wedding with guests, the costs can mount depending on what expenses you are willing to cover. Your best bet is to contact the cruise line you are interested in and talk to one of their wedding planners. They can give you all the details and estimate what your wedding will cost. You can modify your plans or add to them depending on how much you have to spend.

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