Caribbean Cruise Shopping

The Caribbean cruise shopping starts before you have ever set foot on the boat. There is a complete market that aims to satisfy the need for proper cruise clothing. You might find this silly but if you think about it you'll realize that a cruise calls for the right outfits. Since there is bound to be some great shopping along the way you might want to start out light and save some space in your suitcase for new favorites.

Going on a cruise could mean that you will have to update your wardrobe completely. On one hand it might be a bit chilly on the boat on a windy day on the other you will most likely need clothing that is not too heavy and affords you easy moving around on excursions and the likes. If you are planning to go on swimming tours you will want to bring good swim wear and plenty of change to always stay dry and comfortable.

Shopping in the Caribbean can be specific to the place and include local art as well as things you would find at home. Places that are specifically known to include good shopping are St Thomas, St Maarten (also called St Martin) and Grand Cayman. St Marteen includes jewelry and diamond shopping which might be suitable for the wedding or anniversary trip. Grand Cayman is less attractive in its nature on the island but the underwater tours and the great shopping makes up for it.

Not every Caribbean cruise is optimal for the shopping minded. If the shopping is a serious part of your vacation you should look for a cruise with an Eastern Caribbean itinerary. These cruises include places like the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St Maarten, St Thomas and St John. The shopping can be combined with places at great beaches and since these islands lay close together it allows for many stops during the cruise.

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