Caribbean Cruise Employment

If you can’t afford to take a Caribbean cruise, why not work on a Caribbean cruise liner. There are many employment opportunities on cruise ships including housekeeping staffs, wait staff, activity planners and photographers. Other positions include deck officers, administrators and musicians. Some jobs, like diving instructors require that you be certified by NAUI, SSI or PADI and be certified in CRP. If you have experience in any or all of the above, then brush off your resume and send it to a cruise line employment office.

The very first step in obtaining employment aboard a cruise ship is to choose the job you want. You should make sure that it is a job you are qualified for, and you fulfill the requirements of the job description. Even though there are always openings that must be filled, cruise lines are very selective and very particular about the application process. The education, qualifications or experience you need depends on the job you are applying for, so try to match your skills and interests to a specific job onboard. Some jobs are often only available to those who have worked on cruise ships previously.

A cruise ship is like a floating city and like any city; there are always employment opportunities. If you are interested, go online or call the cruise line you are interested in and see what opportunities are available.

Although working for a cruise line may seem like the dream job, keep it mind for the most part, the work is hard, the pay is minimal and the hours are long.

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