Bermuda Cruises with Children

A perfectly planned Bermuda cruise is always the best choice to explore the colorful islands of Bermuda. It is a great opportunity to enjoy an enchanting vacation with your family and children. With loads of excitement and adventure, Bermuda cruises sail from any of the US East Coast ports and stop at the three Bermuda island ports: Saint George, Hamilton, or the Dockyard.

Taking children, infants to teenagers, on a Bermuda cruise can make the voyage more exciting and fun-filled. Bermuda cruises with children incorporated learning and playing experiences in a safe and secure environment. They offer a full line of fun activities onboard to keep the children engaged throughout the voyage. Some Bermuda cruises feature separate entertainment areas for children of every age group. Educational programs as well as art, craft, or science projects are arranged for children.

Facilities such children's libraries, playrooms, computer centers, pools, paddle tennis courts, and video arcades are included in Bermuda cruises with children. Different activities such as talent shows, fitness programs, costume making, treasure hunts, parties, and various other fun events are hosted to entertain the children. Special children's menus, with their delicious favorites, are also offered. Babysitting services are provided for an extra charge. Moreover, Bermuda cruises offer special facilities and services for physically challenged children.

Most of the Bermuda cruises have trained youth counselors for constant supervision of the children. They are assigned to entertain the children throughout the cruise and to assist them while shopping. Special shore excursions, rides, and hikes are organized for the children.

Bermuda cruises offer outstanding discounts for children. Often, the cruises charge only a third or fourth of one person's rate for children, which is usually lower than the cabin rate of the first two persons. In some Bermuda cruises, for children younger than twelve, the rate falls to half the actual cruise amount.

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