Cruise South America With Costa Cruises

An adventurous cruise through South America will take in a huge array of wildlife, you could see many natural wonders and some spectacular scenery, and even lost cities along the way. Rich with beauty and atmosphere, a South American cruise truly is a unique experience.

For travelers who are in search of breath taking mountain views, vast tropical rainforests and natural, rugged beauty a South American cruise really is it. The west coast of Chile with deep fjords and icy glaciers is something to behold. In contrast you could experience the tropical atmosphere of a mangrove river in Costa Rica or explore a tranquil fishing village in Mexico. This huge continent covers many thousands of miles and has equatorial tropics and sub Antarctic regions. There are fourteen countries and territories that make up the continent and that means some wonderfully diverse cultures as well as many interesting animals to be seen, from Whales to Penguins and Sea Lions as well as many tropical birds.

This is adventure cruising, and as well as the main cruise itself, you will probably want to take excursions away from your ship in order to truly experience this region. Boat up the Amazon to see the jungle surround you and a wonderful array of wildlife and birds that just can not be seen anywhere else. Take an excursion to see OIinda, a wonderful Portuguese hilltop town which is now a UNESCO world heritage site. Or sightsee in the exotic and cosmopolitan Rio de Janeiro. You might even take in Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands on your route and experience a little slice of Britain out in the South Atlantic.

Travel round the Cape Horn at the southernmost tip of the southernmost continent, and visit Patagonia, a vast landscape of deserts and mountains that stretch between Chile and Argentina which in it's gentlest parts looks something like the wildest areas of Scotland, here you can go penguin spotting and visit the national glacier parks, and possibly even see a killer whale. There are so many places to visit in this area that no cruise can take them all in, but whisite route you choose you are bound to experience some wonderful sights, and if visiting Antarctica appeals to you, it is possible to take a day cruise out there from some main cruises, but these can be expensive at around £ 1,500 per person for this day event. It is however a once in a lifetime experience.

In between visits to exotic places, there is of course the wonder of the South Atlantic ocean to see. From your ship at night you will be able to view the stars over the water in this vast unspoilt area, and there are many aquatic creatures to look out for along the way in the daytime such as the South American sea lion which can be found on the Peruvian, Uruguayan, Argentine and Chilean coasts. So, with fine dining aboard ship and adventurous trips inland to be taken, as well as incredible wildlife and astounding landscapes and seascapes to be seen, most people enjoy cruising this area which is like no other anywhere on the globe.

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