Mexico – The Perfect Exotic Vacation Spot

Among the thousands of things to do in Mexico, here are the top ten travel destinations selected for their activities, natural attractions and budget-friendly welcome.

Cozumel Mexico: This island is located in the Caribbean waters just off the coast of Mexico. A luxurious paradise that offers exciting underwater adventures and romantic beaches, many couples have fallen in love with this perfect honeymoon getaway.

Forget the French Riviera: The Mayan Riviera, along the Pacific coast of Mexico, has attractions and activities to suit every budget and lifestyle. Explore ancient ruins, get pampered in a luxury resort, or stroll along pristine beaches.

Tulum: At the southern end of the Mayan Riviera in the Yucatan Peninsula is a natural and historical draw. Ancient Mayan ruins tower over pristine beaches and other natural wonders surround this city on the edge of the jungle.

Spring Break: Cancun, located just north of the Mexican Riviera, is predicted to be the #1 spring break destination in 2010. A weak peso against a stronger dollar means college students in limited budgets can enjoy an exciting time without going broke. Another attraction is that the legal drinking age is 18.

La Paz Mexico: On the southeast end of the Baja Peninsula, La Paz, welcomes visitors with some of the best things to do in Mexico. Those who love water and adventure find scuba diving among the hammerhead sharks and giant mantas the perfect compliment to their Mexican vacation.

Monterrey Mexico: This city welcomes families with numerous amusement and water parks and activities such as horseback riding, tennis, golf and tennis. Numerous tours are available to take visitors on an exploration of the surrounding countryside.

Oaxaca Mexico: In the southwest curve of Mexico is the state of Oaxaca. It is only recently that this beautiful state been discovered and now welcomes visitors from all over the world. Acclaimed for its natural wonders, Oaxaca is becoming the number one vacation spot in southern Mexico.

Huatulco Mexico: In Oaxaca, Huatulco is just one of the once-sleepy ocean-side villages in what is fast becoming a tourist area. Although the nightlife and other amenities may not be extensive, the quiet resorts situated on the nine bays are doing everything they can to become the choice Mexican travel destination.

Ensenada Mexico: Located on the Baja Peninsula, just 70 miles south of San Diego. This makes it the perfect snowbird location by offering modern RV parks and plenty of activities.

Mexico City: The capital of Mexico is a thriving metropolis of over 20 million people. Full of a rich history and a proud culture, Mexico City holds it’s own against any other world city, with modern hotels, historical sites, first-class cuisine and great shopping opportunities.

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