26 Glaciers Cruise

Where else but Alaska would you go to see huge glaciers and icebergs? The 26 Glacier Cruise journeys across 135 miles into Price William Sound, a place to witness 26 distinguishing glaciers with bestowed names and several more without any proper identification. The cruise leads right up to massive glacier faces, where if you listen carefully, you'll hear the strange shifting grunts of the glaciers when they move within the body of water. The bright blue tinges of the glaciers are fascinating too.

The 26 Glaciers Cruise offers a comprehensive tour around three main types of glaciers, including the Alpine (hanging), Tidewater and Piedmont. Glacier calvings (bits of the glaciers that break off and fall into the water and convert into icebergs) can also be spotted while on the cruise.

The cruise is not just about seeing the humongous ice sculptures of nature. It's also about witnessing the wildlife existing in the icy and barren landscape. Sea otters, porpoises, sea lions, seals, both humpback and orca whales can be seeing in the waters, frolicking about and hunting for food. If you are lucky, you might even spot a few bears, mountains goats and bald eagles that have wandered into the area. When the cruise ends, the ship stops at a bird rookery, where thousands of Kittiwakes can be seen.

The 26 Glaciers Cruise sails on the Klondike Express, which is the largest, fastest and most luxurious catamaran in Alaska. The 137-foot catamaran can hold up to 342 passengers on its three decks. Two of the large decks are enclosed and has a heating system.

Besides the incredible glaciers and the surrounds, Alaska is also well known for other community attraction sites, such as the Native Heritage Museum in Anchorage. By staying at an Anchorage hotel, you can spend your days exploring this different land. Anchorage Airport hotels are excellent for easy access all around.

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