Reasons Why You Should Take a Cruise

I love to cruise. I've only done it once, but I'm convinced it's one of the great ways to take a vacation. There are so many wonderful benefits and I'll try to go over the most important ones here.

1. You can see more than one place on the same trip, without long drives in between. This is important. Instead of spending all your time in one city, or even one country, by cruising you can travel to a variety of different places and never get in a car for days in between. Spend one day in Belize and the next day in Cozumel. No plane rides or car rides in between. Just a nice time spent on a big boat.

2. The ship itself is a destination. With so many things to do, eat and see on the cruise ship you'll be glad for days at sea just so you can see what the ship has to offer. We watched movies, ate in a half dozen restaurants, went shopping, and watched Broadway shows. On some boats you can ice skate, golf, climb rocks and of course there's swimming.

3. Sleeping on a cruise ship is so relaxing. With the gentle rocking of the boat (not always felt) and the sound of the waves outside it just lulls you like a baby.

4. Meeting new people. Now, we're not excited about dining with strangers so we picked a cruise line that did not force it on us. But we still had opportunities that let us meet new people when it was comfortable for us. It was actually enjoyable.

Overall I highly recommend cruising because of the convenience and overall great times.

Source by Justina Michaels

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