List of Things to Take on a Cruise – What to Take on a Cruise

Going on a cruise is a real exciting adventure to look forward to and if it's your first sailing trip, the excitation is probably at an all time high. With so many things to do to prepare for the trip it is only natural that one or two things may slip your mind. Bad luck then if those particular items were the most needed and your partner is not best pleased with you. To avoid any lapses and make your life easier, this article details a list of things to take on a cruise.

I came across an excellent tip during my research that I would like to share with you, when packing your things to take on the cruise, divide them into two lots and put them in two separate suitcases, if traveling with a companion it becomes easier because each of you get to carry one bag and then if something goes missing, all is not lost literally.

Now we move on to the list of things to take on a cruise. Start out by making a packing list; do not do anything else till you start one. This should be done the day you decide to take a cruise. Divide the list into major sub headings and jot down things as you remember them, come time to sail you would have packed everything but the kitchen sink, which is no bad thing because you will be extremely well prepared.

Documentation: Airline tickets, passports, visas, extra passport size photographs, driver's license, cruise tickets and other documentation including itinerary, money, travelers checks, credit cards, ATM-debit card, vaccinations certificate, medical insurance card, medical history from your doctor , prescription copies for medicines you will be carrying, emergency numbers for your bank, credit card companies, your family physician, currency conversion chart.

Reading material: Spare glasses, contact lenses, cleaning solution, reading glasses, sunglasses, guide books, foreign language book of phrases and dictionary, maps, reading material for your self, note book and pens, business cards to give to new acquaints, list of email IDs of people back home you will want to stay in touch with.

Electronics: Cell phone and charger, palmtop and charger, laptop and charger, plug adapter and converter, binoculars, digital camera, batteries, memory chips, manual camera, batteries, film rolls, battery charger, extension cord / power strip, Discman and CDs, travel alarm clock, batteries, flashlight, hairdryer and portable iron.

Clothing: always select your clothing based on the climatic conditions of the places you will visit and the ports you will disembark at. Including a good selection of summer apparel in the form of shorts and tee shirts, bathing suits, etc. Even if you are going to a warm country carry along at least one warm jacket as nights aboard ship can turn extremely chilly. Make sure you pack some formal wear for the Captain's dinner and the first and last night on ship dinner parties.

Medicines: prescription medicines, small first aid box with band aids, Q-tips, Vaseline, Dramamine, antibiotic cream, bandages, anti-diarrheal medication, cortisone cream, aspirin, Tylenol and Advil, germicidal hand wash and hand wipes, sun screen, bug spray and rubbing alcohol

Miscellaneous: tape, luggage ties, zip lock bags, corkscrew and Swiss army knife (in your luggage), travel pillow, playing cards and some travel games, shoe horn, sewing kit, folding tote for purchases on shore, hats, insulated coffee mug , crazy glue, small set of screw drivers, wallet or fanny pack, dual time zone watch.

It is recommended that you make 3 sets of copies of all travel documents and carry one set with you, pack one in your luggage and leave one with some one back home. As back up send all copies to your email ID or save in a file on your laptop or flash drive.

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