Top Affordable Honeymoon Vacations Packages at Romantic Destinations

There are numerous affordable honeymoons destinations across the United States. For those who would like to experience the Caribbean, all-inclusive honeymoon destinations may be found from Antigua to Jamaica. It is possible for a couple to enjoy pristine beaches and warm weather without paying $500.00+ per night. Check out these 5 affordable honeymoon destinations!

Florida – Florida is one of the top honeymoon destinations that is affordable, and this is primarily due to the fact that Florida is located right here in the United States. It is ideal for couples who would like to enjoy a tropical climate without all of the associated travel. Couples who would like their own secluded island may go to the Florida Keys, or those who would like to party the night away may go to South Beach in Miami.

Mexico – From most locations in the United States, Mexico is less than a 4-6 hour flight away. There are numerous all-inclusive honeymoon destinations and resorts to choose from. For another interesting and economical option, a couple might choose to take a cruise to Mexico for their honeymoon. Two of the most popular spots for cruises in Mexico are Cozumel and Acapulco.

Thailand – While on the other side of the world, Thailand has numerous surprisingly affordable honeymoon destinations. From rustic cabins to 5 star resorts, there are numerous lodgings to choose from. Because the tourism industry in Thailand is still developing somewhat, it has numerous discounted rates on the accommodations and attractions in this country in order to entice honeymooners and tourists. The flight might be long; however, the untouched beauty of Thailand and its culture will more than make up for the shortcoming.

Jamaica – Jamaica has become one of the “go to” spots for top honeymoon destinations that are affordable in the Caribbean. From scuba diving to windsurfing, the island is renowned for the water sports it offers. Numerous couples fall in love with the local culture and flavor of Jamaica as well. There are numerous all-inclusive resorts on the island that cater exclusively to newlywed couples.

Dominican Republic – Due to its small size and economic underdevelopment, the Dominican Republican is often overlooked as affordable honeymoon destinations. However, its unique charm has captivated numerous couples, and the tourism industry is growing rapidly. In order to encourage tourism on the island, many resorts are featuring discounted prices on lodging and other activities, even airfare.

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