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The Caribbean is a rhythmic and colorful place, full of life and energy. It's also the perfect place to relax with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters surrounding them on a Royal Caribbean cruise. A cruise among these islands offers a wonderful way of visiting this amazing area, giving you the chance to view them from afar and then jump in with both feet and join in with some real island fun.

The name 'Caribbean' is derived from the Carib Indians, they were present in the region in the 15th century when the first European contact was made. Among the islands in the Caribbean there are many beautiful beaches and plenty of places to relax and feel at peace with the world. Delve deeper and you'll find that each island has it's own traditions and identity. With vibrant scenery, colonial history and the wonderful rhythm of reggae each island has plenty to offer you.

Barbados is one of the most popular islands of the Caribbean, with over a million visitors annually. It is a coral island and compared to it's neighbors it is relatively flat. The island captains much from it's almost 350 years of colonial rule, with many English place names, driving on the left, and afternoon tea. Bridgetown is the island's historic capital and has many quaint streets which are very pleasant for an afternoon stroll to do a little duty free shopping.

St Lucia is one of the windward islands of the Caribbean and is a volcanic island that is just 27 miles long and 14 miles wide. Most of the interior of the island is covered in lush rain forest and St Lucia boasts many white sandy beaches. One of St Lucia's most famous landmarks are the Pitons – two volcanic plugs or lava necks, these are incredible landforms created when lava hardened inside a vent on an active volcano, and they are very impressive to see.

Trinidad and Tobago are incredible islands for those who enjoy wildlife. Trinidad has more than 450 bird species while Tobago has over 200 and considering it's size which is just over 115 square miles of land that's pretty impressive. Trinidad is also home to 108 types of mammals, 55 reptiles, 25 amphubians and 620 types of butterflies. This amazing variety is because of it's location at the tip of South America. Because of the size of both islands, and the ease of accessibility to popular sites many species can be seen without lots of driving or walking. Tobago is surrounded by wonderful rich and colorful reefs which are home to more than 300 species of coral and over 600 species of fish. It is perfect for diving and snorkelling

These are just four of the many islands to be found in the Caribbean, and as you can see they have plenty to offer everyone. Throughout the Caribbean there are quaint villages to be enjoyed, with lush rain forests, crystal clear waters and even the odd coffee plantation to visit as you discover the area's colonial history and musical rhythm you can not help buy relax in this wonderful laid back atmosphere .

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