3 Day Cruise Packages

Three day cruise packages can be a great introduction to sailing on the open seas. Many people are curious about a cruise vacation, but they may hesitate because a 7 or 14 day plan may seem out of their price range at the moment. Others may question whether or not they would enjoy a long cruise, but these economic, 3 day plans are the perfect length and price for everyone.

Have you wondered what cruising involves and were just unsure about the time involved? This is a common concern for many prospective passengers. Maybe you only have a few days of vacation, or you only have a long weekend that you can use for a quick getaway trip. Some people are just looking for something to break the monotony of long weeks of work. Whatever your reason, 3 day cruise packages are certainly a perfect solution.

Even though you only have a few days to be out on the ocean there is no lack of excitement. The activities on board will provide you with many diversions and opportunities to experience the adventure and fast paced lifestyle onboard large ocean liners. You might just find that cruising is something that you want to repeat again and again.

For people that enjoy shopping there are shops onboard for your enjoyment when you are not at docked at a port of call. Bingo, night clubs, parties, entertainment and other activities will keep you busy throughout the day and evening if you sign up for one of the 3 day cruise packages. There are always events that are scheduled for passengers of every age. You might have an onboard auction, or a cooking class to attend and most classes will be giving away door prizes to lucky guests.

If you want to rest and relax you can sunbathe at one of the pools or hot tubs or just enjoy the view from a reclining deck chair. You can even read or watch your favorite television shows in your cabin. If you have a private balcony you can enjoy a little solitude at any hour of the day or night. You will be provided with a daily schedule of the ship's activities for every cruise, including those 3 day cruise packages, but you only choose those that you want to be involved in each day.

Outstanding food is included, and you will have regular meals served in the restaurants daily. These are buffet affairs. The large windows surrounding all of the restaurants provide panoramic ocean views that are sure to impress you as you dine. A wait staff is always on duty to assist you, and they will even bring your meals to your cabin if you prefer. Snacks and drinks are available throughout the day and if you have special dietary requests the cooks and chefs can accomodate you easily.

The cost of these short getaways is very inexpensive, even if you are planning on taking the family. You can also check for last minute specials on which can save you 50-75% of the original cost. This means that you can often arrange one of these exciting 3 day cruise packages for less than $ 200.

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