Carnival Shore Excursions – Money Saving Tips

A cruise vacation can be one of the most fun and exciting vacations. Millions of people have boarded cruise ships in search of fun, relaxation and adventure. A Carnival cruise excursion can dramatically add to a cruise vacation experience.

Here are some money saving and planning tips to making your carnival shore excursion or any excursion one to remember.

The first and largest thing to consider before ordering a shore excursion is to whether or not to use Carnivals Shore Excursion program. In many cases this will not be the most cost effective way to go.

When it comes to cruise excursions the cruise industry acts as the middle man and contracts tours out to local agents. The result of adding another layer into the process simply drives up the cost of a typical excursion.

One of the hidden secrets that the Cruise Industry does not want you to know is that many of the excursions vendors are simply licensed taxi drivers who they hire to provide many tours and sightseeing excursions. A smarter choice may be to simply exit the boat at your leisure and find a licensed taxi driver at the end of the pier. These drivers are considered Independent Tour Operators and are more than happy to take you on a nice sightseeing tour.

The advantages of going this route is by cutting out the middleman (the cruise line) you can save significant money. This also allows you to customize your tour at the time you wish to go. Many cruise excursions start at 7:30 am so they can operate two back to back tours before the ship departs. You stand a much better chance of enjoying yourself without dealing with the large cruise crowds and having the flexibility to customize the tour as you see fit.

For other types of excursions such as kayaking or snorkel tours, it is very easy to find operators online these days. Do a little research and you will find what you are looking for at a lower price. It is very simple to grab a taxi and off you go to your destination. Do not let the cruise line scare you into thinking it is unwisely to use this method. People who are vacationing on these islands in hotels use this process every day without any problems. The fact that you are on a cruise does not change anything. These operators are very aware that cruisers need to be back at the ship a certain times. They will do whatever it takes to make sure your experience is a positive one.

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