There Are Some Top Class Cruise Liners From RCI Sailing in the Mediterranean

You can get Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruises as either an Eastern or a Western Mediterranean cruise. Here is some information about their ports of departure, the exciting areas that sail to and a bit about the actual cruise ships.

The Mediterranean is served by seven RCI different top class boats. Some of them have been modernly recently, some are almost brand new. Let us introduce them to you: –

  1. Independence Of The Seas. When all the cabins are being used 3634 travelers can sail on this, the largest of the fleet. This flagellation liner was only put into service in 2008. It has 14 decks which are stashed full of first class facilities. It is UK based and you will have to embark in Southampton on the South coast of England. So you could fit in a quick tour of London and then continue on to get on board the cruise. Although not strictly in the Med, you could also go around the Canary Islands on this ship. We are mainly interested in the 18 day Western Mediterranean cruise though.
  2. Adventure Of The Seas. This luxury liner has lots of space for each passenger since it had some modernization carried out in 2004. Malaga or Barcelona in Spain are its departure ports. The 3114 passengers will enjoy a cruise of between 4 and 7 nights. These are the shore cruises. This does give you a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of the Mediterranean beaches and soak up some sun either after before before your voyage. A 2 week holiday could be enjoyed that way.
  3. Brilliance Of The Seas. The fantastic old Spanish city of Barcelona is the set off city for this luxury 2501 capacity liner. You will be at sea for twelve days. They are mostly Eastern Mediterranean cruises. The ancient city of Athens in Greece as well as some of the islands around there are included in this tour. You will also see the Egyptian city of Alexandria and Venice in Italy.
  4. Navigator Of The Seas. You can play basketball or go ice skating on this big cruise liner. There are fifteen decks to fit it all onto. The 3114 voyagers will be very well looked after as there is a good ratio of crew to passengers. You will need to get to Civitavecchia to get on board this cruise. That is the port for Rome, Italy so you can have a look around the Vatican City and other sights there. You can be cruising in either the Western Med or Eastern from here.
  5. Voyager Of The Seas. Another of the Royal Caribbean International lines (RCI) 3114 capacity boats. The Italian city of Venice or Barcelona in Spain are the departure ports. The old city of Venice has been an important trading post for a very long time. It just seems to climb up out of the water. There is nowhere else like it anywhere in the world. Have a wander around it and take in the smells before you get on board for your 12 day voyage.
  6. Vision Of The Seas. This liner has a capacity of 765 passengers which makes it one of the smaller ones of RCI. They still manage to fit in lots of things like an ice skating rink. Based in the North of Europe, it is only in the Med infrequently. The Holy Land is its normal destination when it leaves from Venice or the Turkish city of Istanbul.
  7. Splendor Of The Seas. This is the smallest of the seven ships and can cater for 720 voyagers. This Eastern Mediterranean cruise will leave from either Venice or Civitavecchia in Italy and will be for 12 nights.

You will be able to find lots of economic cruise deals from Royal Caribbean Mediterranean whatever name of ship you opt for.

Source by Trevor Barrett

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