A First Hand Guide to All Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts are being increasingly popular among tourists worldwide. This term is often used with several beach resorts providing all-inclusive vacation facilities to their visitors. Normally, at an all inclusive resort you pay a fixed price once as described in the tour package offered by your tour operator and you get all the facilities including:

  • Transfer from the Airport
  • All meals and Snacks
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Water sports available at resort
  • Other resorts entertainment facilities
  • All taxes and tips

Therefore, at all inclusive resorts you pay once, sit back relaxing and enjoying at your preferred holiday location. You may also obtain other additional facilities like free golf facilities, scuba, and spa services at some selected resorts. However, it totally depends upon the availability of these services at your selected resort. The concept of all-inclusive resorts is more than 50 years old. But, the demand of such resorts got its momentum during last few years. Even today, at some places the all-inclusive resorts are the only available norms, whereas at other places one can seriously find an all-inclusive resort due to availability of only a few all-inclusive resorts.

Caribbean, Panama, Mexico and Bahamas are very popular for their stunning all inclusive beach resorts offering all kinds of modern facility with utmost luxury to its tourists, whereas in South-East Asia they are rare. Even in Mediterranean region, countries like Turkey and Tunisia have several all-inclusive resorts whereas Greece and Portugal have only a few of all-inclusive resorts.

All-inclusive resorts have become popular in those developing regions, which are rich in natural beauty and water bodies, but lack proper infrastructure to develop tourism in that area. Such places are of major attraction for leading Hotel and Resorts chains like Club Med, Sandals, and Super Clubs Resorts. They set up some all-inclusive resorts with all the required facilities inside the resorts vicinity and are getting more profits than expected. All-inclusive resorts and all-inclusive holiday packages are the latest trend in vacation planning worldwide. As the all-inclusive market has grown and it's growing rapidly worldwide, so more and more tour operators and online travel agents are giving stress on customized ready to go packages. They are even offering heavy discounts on these tour packages.

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