Luxurious Rivera Cruise Vacations – Which of the World's Rivieras is for You?

Travel today is more accessible to the masses than ever before. People around the world are traveling and vacationing at an ever increasing rate. This increase has made some of the world's most fashionable resort areas a trendy vacation spot. Among the most popular holiday travel options are the Riviera Cruise Vacations.

French Riviera

In the past, we have heard of the glamor and pizzazz of the French Riviera. Situated on the Mediterranean, The French Riviera is blessed with beautiful beaches – a prerequisite for a 'Riviera' resort.

One of the most glamorous ports in the Mediterranean is Cannes. This world renovated port famous for the International Film Festival was once a small fishing village owned by monks.

Further up the coast, on the Bay of Angels, is the capital of the Riviera, Nice. Here one can experience some of the best restaurants. While wandering past the high-class apartments, hotels, and cafés, one can get magnificent views of the Mediterranean.

North of Nice on the Mediterranean is the municipality of Monaco. Of course, we all know the name Mont Carlo as the home of chic casinos, luxurious hotel resorts and fabulous beaches. Monte Carlo increased in stature in the 1950's when Grace Kelly became Princess Grace of Monaco after marrying Prince Ranier II.

Many of the large main cruise lines and smaller local cruise lines offer cruises that start, finish or visit ports in the French Riviera. For a sampling of itineraries options see the link to our articles in the 'Bio' section at the bottom.

Italian Riviera

At the top of the 'boot' of Italy just east of the French Riviera and you'll find the Italian Riviera. Situated on the shores of the Ligurian Sea, the Italian Riviera is glamorous but in a distinctly old-fashioned way. The rustic and provincial are blended together with the elegant and chic as cosmopolitan cities and small towns come together.

Portofino is one of the most photographed villas on the coast of the Italian Riviera. Many of Europe's wealthy visit this small harbor even though there is little to do there. And unless you are traveling on a larger budget, you may want to stay elsewhere and day-trip to Potofino. Hotels, restaurants, and cafés are very expensive (a beer here may cost you EUR8!)

Genoa (or Genova in Italian) is a very busy and sprawling city, not what one might expect in this large old and quaint Riviera. The city does however offer visitors numerous sightseeing events from ancient hill top fortresses to magnificent palaces.

San Remo, the largest resort in the area is also considered the capital of the Italian Riviera. It offers visitors world class hotels, and a romantic setting with its exotic gardens. And oh yes, the famous casino!

Visitors to the Italian Riviera can opt to stay in cities, towns and villages including Lerici, Santa Margherita Ligure, Portovenere, Rapallo or the villages that make up Finale Ligure. Or, visitors can stay on their cruise ships and explore the area on day excursions.

For more information regarding Italian Riviera cruises see the link to our articles in the 'Bio' section at the bottom.

Mayan Riviera

As more cruisers and vacationers travel the Caribbean, the Mayan Riviera is becoming better known and extremely popular. The beautiful sand beaches, the sun and the sapphire clear waters make for a dream vacation. Running form the city of Cancun on the Mexican Caribbean to the Mayan Ruins of Tulum, the Mayan Riviera draws snow-birds to its mystic and paradise-like shores. The waters around the coral reefs of Cozumel are a delight to snorkelers.

The area is quickly being built up with more and more lavish resorts. Many all-inclusive resorts have been constructed and more are being planned.

In contrast to the luxurious resorts, is the ancient city of Tulum what ruins are a must-see for anyone slightly interested in history and archeology? Dating back as far as 600 AD you can witness the pyramid shape of El Castillo or the ruined magnificence of the Temple of the descending God.

The Mayan Riviera has become a very popular Caribbean cruise destination as well. To explore the Mayan Riviera cruise options see the link to our articles in the 'Bio' section at the bottom.

Mexican Riviera

Mexico's Pacific coastline offers vacationers yet another Riviera to explore. The rich culture of the area is witnessed by the Quebrada cliff divers of Acapulco and the cobbled streets of Puerto Valllarta.

One can enjoy the atmosphere of the Mexican Riviera by day and by night. Dancing to the salsa, or dining and enjoying the areas bold flavors you will not want to miss a step.

The long sandy beaches of Mazatlin will certainly be drawing you nearer. As will the deep water lagoons and the relaxed, laid back atmosphere of Zihuatanejo.

Can you feel being drawn towards a Mexican Riviera Cruise? See the link to our articles in the 'Bio' section at the bottom for more information.

American Riviera

Having a number of nicknames – both good and bad – Miami is also dubbed the American Riviera. Known as the 'cruise capital of the world', Miami has a lot to offer cruise vacationers on a post- or pre-cruise visit.

World renovated beaches, fantastic nightlife, a Latin flavor and wonderful and unique culinary experiences bringing vacationers from all over the world to this American Riviera. Enjoy in-line skating along the beaches on Ocean Drive. If adventure is on your vacation agenda, visit the near-Everglades Safari Park, the only sub-tropical reserve in North America.

Miami is the jumping point for some of the most desirable cruise in the Caribbean – including some of the Mayan Riviera itineraries. (As a matter of note, the Santa Barbara area of ​​California also lays claim to the American Riviera nickname.)

No matter what your picture of a Riviera should be, there is at least one place in the world that will accommodate. And to top it all, many of the world's top cruise lines offer fantastic cruises to these destinations aboard their magnificent and luxurious cruise ships. Enjoy the opulence and luxury while experiencing the Rivieras of the world!

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